It's Football Time in Tennessee!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Last night we went to Nate (our nephew's) middle school football game. I loved all of it! ALL OF IT. Ok. Actually, I did not love the fact that Tennessee forgot that it's football season and we should be BUNDLING UP, not sweating bullets. But other than that, I loved every. single. thing. I loved dressing the family in our school-spirited colors (even though that color is green). I loved watching the sun fade and the field lights turn on. I loved cheering on Nate (#3, on the far side of the field) as he took on a guy twice his size. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED.

It was both kids' first football game. It was a big deal for me before we got there, until I quickly realized that they would have no interest in what was going on and would instead spend their time entertaining themselves in the bleachers and stealing our snacks. Still, it was a fun family night.

Beckett spent the whole time playing with his little friend Paisley. I adore watching them together. His Uncle Russ likes to joke that they are girlfriend & boyfriend, but I'm going to go ahead and say that they're hopefully one day cousins-ish (she's Russ' girlfriend's niece) and whether they're blood related or not, and whether we live in Tennessee or not: NO.

Then there's the nephew. Nate would probably kill me if he knew I was calling him "cute," but seriously. THE CUTE FACTOR! Insert all the heart eyes. These kids (the middle schoolers) are so intense and serious about this game. I CANNOT WAIT until it's Beckett's turn. WE WILL BE A FOOTBALL FAMILY.

We won the game, by the way. 41-8. Go Vikings!

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