Charlie Grace Got Bling!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

In the spirit of turning one year old, we decided we would commemorate the milestone with Charlie Grace's very first jewelry! Guys. I'm in love.

Honestly, until recently I hadn't even considered having her ears pierced. Around seven months someone asked me what my plan was and my basic response was, "oh wait! It's a GIRL! I can pierce her eeeaarrrss!!!" Imagine the heart eye emoji. That was my face. So we talked to the pediatrician (because that's how I roll) and she gave the ole thumbs up and here we are!

We chose to have the piercing done at East Tennessee Diamond in Morristown. This store holds a special place in our hearts. It's where Brian and I got my engagement ring and our wedding bands, and it's also the place where Brian surprised me with my first pair of diamond stud earrings. Plus I know the owners and really trust them.

The experience was not a completely pleasant one, obviously, but it wasn't horrible either. I was prepared for her to be really mad about the piercing itself, but I was a little caught off guard by her reaction before they even pierced her. She was very concerned and confused from the get go, but then completely panicked when I held her still. Sorry, kid.

She didn't love the holding still part, and got preeeetty upset. This picture was before any pain ensued.

Luckily, the tears didn't last forever. A couple minutes later, she was still obviously pissed off, but quickly calming down.

We headed to the mall so that Beckett could have his turn in the hot seat. His experience was a bit less dramatic. ;)

Then we finished off the evening in our favorite restaurant. These kids go bonkers over the shrimp at El Toro! Even with the tears, it was a fun family evening. 


  1. well, she has your temper. DO.NOT.HOLD.ME.DOWN.EVERRRRR

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  3. Love reading your blog and adventures of your family. Think you were a smart mommy getting her ears pierced now when mommy can care for them, plus she looks so darn cute with little earrings. Doing it now is better because there is minimal discomfort if any as Charlie Grace barely struggled to shed a tear, but afterwards seems to be saying, "...thank you I look like a little girl."

    We waited till Sandi was 13 months. Everyone loved how cute she looked with little earrings. I wanted then done soon after birth, but everyone thought I was crazy wanting them done from birth. However, my mother pierced my ears when I was days old and loved seeing all my baby picture wearing cute little gold studs. Your daughter is soO adorable with those cute little sparkly earrings.

    You were wise doing them now when she can't remember having it done. I know her sweet mommy will be taking good care of her adorable little newly pierced ears so she can grow up pretty like her mom.

    Some say to wait till their older, however, When I took Sandi to her 12 month check, and asked about piercing her ears, our ped encouraged me. She said this was a good age to do them. In fact ,she had so many moms ask her
    about it, she gave me a sheet with " Tips and Care for moms having their daughter's ears pierced." Would be happy to share with any moms who want their little girls to look pretty as a princess like Charlie Grace.



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