Opening Weekend + Charlie's First Soccer Game!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

A year and a half ago, the whole family converged to cheer on Beckett in his first ever soccer game. We decided to replicate that awesomeness and invite the whole crew to cheer on Charlie for her first game ever! Nana, Papa, Papaw, Uncle D & Aunt B, Eli, and Avaya all showed up to cheer this girl on. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL for our family! 

Charlie only turned four two weeks ago and is still the oldest girl on the team, so our expectations were extremely low. However, we were pretty impressed with how well 5 of the 6 girls played! It was fun to watch. 

Wanna know about the 6th girl? The one that was just kinda totally stubborn and stinky? Of course... That would be my child.

She basically just pouted, groaned, and acted totally uninterested. This was a total bummer because she has been excited for MONTHS about playing soccer like Beckett, and I was excited too! I even made bows for the whole team (it’s how I roll). Of course, when the time actually came to play, she was in a MOOD. 

Actually, to be honest, she’s been “in a mood” for a couple of months now. Four was my hardest year with Beckett, and so I keep joking that she’s looking to out-do him. So far, she’s a total over-achiever. She has MASTERED stubborn, sassy, and opinionated. I don’t know WHERE she gets that from!

What’s even more fun (we thought) is that Brian is coaching Charlie’s team! He’s PERFECT at being patient and fun with a bunch of 3 and 4 year old girls. He’s doing great! And those five out of six girls are responding impressively well! (Ha!) We think Chuck is partially jealous to have to share her dad. 


He's so cute, though! 

Thankfully, Charlie did have a couple of promising moments. We could tell she WANTED to get into it. I don't know what her little four-year-old emotions were doing to her, but we're hoping to see some more excitement & confidence as the season progresses! 

The second game of the day was Beckett’s! It has been SO FUN to watch his progress since game one. It’s also extremely encouraging to remember how much of a difference a couple of years makes — maybe Charlie is not doomed! 

Beckett LOVES playing soccer. He is giddy and happy and totally energetic when he’s out there playing. He’s improved on focus and following instructions (although he still needs work, for sure). I can see him loving this sport for a long time. 

We love that he has been with the same great coaches and sweet team for four seasons now. It’s suuuuch a sweet blessing to see them growing and improving together, and so awesome to know the boys and their parents. I pray that they continue to play, grow, and bond together. 

The weekend was supposed to have two games per team, but today’s games were rained out, so we decided to just grab a few pictures while they were suited up. In true Charlie fashion, she was a stinker. Luckily for us, Papa caught these perfect depictions of current life with Charlie Grace on camera. 

Finally, we resorted to bribery. (Thanks in advance for not judging)

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