Predicting our Babies

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Roadtrip Selfie
Obviously we have no clue what the future holds for us, but Brian and I have delusions of grandeur when it comes to our offspring. In our little dream world, we’re going to have 5 children and they already have names and personalities. Since Beckett is already here (albeit, only 6 months old) we have a little bit of a cheat when it comes to him, but the rest are pure fantasy. Today we’re road tripping to a little B&B in Wisconsin to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. On the road, we got to talking about the kiddos and where we see them going to college. We decided we needed to document our delusions, if only to entertain them in 15-20 years.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to our children, from oldest to youngest:

Joseph Beckett
Beckett is our oldest boy. Born 11/16/13. He has a super laid-back personality and is very smart. He’s big and snuggly and loveable. Beckett will definitely be our easy going, charming, driven, hard-working boy. He’ll end up at Bible College, preferably Johnson and go on to be an amazing, loving husband & family man like his daddy. He’ll probably end up in a not-too-flashy job, but be hard working, involved in his church, and coach football. We also think he’ll surprise us all with singing skills that will make us doubt he’s related to any of us… Maybe a burly acoustic sounds. Don’t tell the other kids, but he’ll be mommy’s favorite. Looking just like his daddy, he’ll probably be Grandma’s favorite too.

Charlie Grace & Kinsley Rae
Charlie and Kinsley are twins, but complete opposites. They will probably arrive late spring (2015).

Charlie will be our little bit edgy, little out of control, little bit of a rebel, little bit country, needs to be reigned in party girl. We envision her with crazy curly hair and a strong personality. She’ll have no clue what she wants to do with her life, and won’t be concerned about figuring it out, but will end up rocking the college life and impressing us all. She may even end up at Bible College with her big bro. Charlie will be our tough one, and will end up with a hilarious, no-filter relationship with Granddad Dennis Wayne.

Kinsley will come out looking like a business woman. We envision her with straight hair and dark features. We’re sure she will roll her eyes when we mention a silly little university or bible college. She’ll have her mommy’s smarts and her daddy’s smart ass and definitely end up at Harvard or Yale. We predict her witty, quick come back attitude will make her PaPaw’s favorite. Even though she’s a middle child and twin, she’ll play the big sister role and have all of her siblings in check.

Adopted Baby:
Today I’m in love with the name Spencer for my little Asian girl. Brian is on the fence, so the jury is still out on that one. If we go with Spencer, her middle name will either be Kay, after Brian’s sister Misty, or Ruth after Grandma Montgomery
Spence will be completely opposite of your cliché Asian chick. We envision her as a little bit flighty, little bit hippie, little bit “stick it to the man” type girl. She’ll probably think she’s going to be an artist or dancer and spend lots of years as a barista before she ends up teaching and loving it. Her silly sarcasm and shining smile will maker her Papa’s favorite.

Brody Keith
Brody is our baby and a pure athlete. He’s a born Wildcat and a daddy’s boy. He’s super laid back with his Uncle Devin’s “not a care in the world” demeanor. He’ll end up with an athletic scholarship to Kentucky but study something completely nerdy and random. He’ll be the silent, strong type. He’ll come off as a jock, cool and popular, but be nerdy at heart. You’d never know he was an honor student. Knowing this little charmer will be just like his uncle, Brody will be Nana’s favorite.

And that’s them! Of course, no matter how our kids turn out or what they get into, we love and adore them already. We intend to love hard, laugh lots, and spank often. They’ll use ma’am and sir, have tough skin, play fair, work hard, know God, & cherish family.
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