Out with the Old, in with the New!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Well, big things are happening out here in Morristown. It's gonna be a whirlwind of a year, I'll tell you that much. This week alone has had quite the exciting little milestones!

Out with the OLD!

Well, our house is officially on the market! According to the realtor, she can lose her liscence if we "advertise" for ourselves, so this is not an advertisement, just a "Woo Hoo! Please pray!" With this down economy, houses aren't going for nearly what they're worth, and having only been in this house for a few years, we are in a sticky wicket! We wanna get out (so we can move closer to our family in STL!) but we just haven't been here long enough to get out without losing money. MAJOR BUMMER! Regardless, we're going through with it anyway and just hoping, praying, and crossing our fingers that someone bites for something near the asking price. This first week has been encouraging. We've had four different viewings, which is good for little ol' Morristown! All four have said they've LOVED the house... we're just waiting on that one who decides to make an offer! If you know someone who is interested (or someone who is looking for a good realtor in the area), have them contact Terry. She's awesome!

Check out the listing here.
In with the NEW!

In addition to selling the house (and a million other projects we have going on), Brian is still busy launching his new company! I (Denise) am so proud of all of his hard work, and we are both really excited to see where this all goes. Ooohh, the adventures of life. This week, Brian got his official business license, registered for his first vendor conferences (coming up in March), and opened his business account! He also received his beautiful new business cards in the mail! Please keep Brian in your thoughts and prayers as he embarks on this exciting, yet intimidating (I'm sure) adventure!

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