My Pregnancy Journal

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pregnancy is definitely an adventure. I barely remember anything about my last - it was pretty much a whirlwind. So! This time I've committed to 36 weeks of journaling just a few short thoughts and updates so that one day I can look back and remember this awesome little experience that is such an enormous blessing!

After 6 months of trying; we found out we're pregnant! I craved Chinese food, orange juice, & cheap nasty burritos (which I did NOT cave to); had a mad rage meltdown (on the inside because I'm trying to control my hormonal self) because Brian used a spatula instead of a frosting bag to decorate the cupcakes.

Still struggling with hormones and stress and attempting to control myself & not melt down over random nonsense. Craved wine, which obviously I'm not drinking. I'm more tired that usual and just read that new studies show caffeine (just 100mg - or one cup of coffee - a day!) increases risk of miscarriage by 14% and still birth by 19%. I was drinking my 2nd cup of coffee of the day as I read it. Lame. Next week they'll probably say caffeine leads to genius babies, but for now I'll be trading in my coffee for hot lemon water for my own peace of mind. Also, got to tell our siblings about our good news! Beckett announced it with his cute shirt Mommy made him.

We've consistently referred to whatever's happening in there as "the twins" and I've already started planning a girl's nursery. My biggest concern right now, however, is the fact that I still have leftover baby bump so how will I know when I start to show???

Only Child: Expiring August 25!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Last time I realized I was pregnant, I was half way through a bottle of wine (probably a white zin) when Brian's mom pointed out that I was having several symptoms of pregnancy. I attempted denial (it wasn't on my schedule), but knew in my heart that she was right.

Why am I always drinking wine when I realize I'm pregnant?

This time I was on my second glass of Shiraz when I suddenly realized I was a day late. In the past when I've taken pregnancy tests, I've done it without Brian knowing. Mostly, I was afraid of disappointing him with a negative, but sometimes I was just too impatient. He has been consistently annoyed with me for not involving him in the testing and waiting part, so this time I committed to letting him in on the fun.

I considered (for like 2 seconds) waiting the two weeks until Christmas to test, but I don't have that kind of patience or will-power to keep my mouth shut. Instead, I decided to break out a test immediately. Brian was upstairs working, so I surprised him with a cup of pee on a platter. You're welcome, sweet husband.

Brian joked about the smell of my pee and tried to give me a hard time about my methods, but later admitted that his heart was beating a million miles a minute. It was sweet he admitted it but I knew that without his confession. I could see the blood pulsing through his face. The man was so excited.

Three not-so-short minutes later, we had a positive pregnancy test!

We announced it to the parents immediately, and then to our siblings on Papa's Birthday!

And now it's your turn! World, we would like to officially announce the newest upcoming member of our family! Baby Hill #2 is expected to arrive this August!

We're so excited to start this next chapter of our lives!

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