Beckett's Bucket List: St. Louis Science Center

Monday, April 27, 2015

Saturday we got to head out to the St. Louis Science Center and cross another item off of Beckett's Summer Bucket List! This place is fun, FREE, and a fabulous place to burn some energy and do some exploring on a dreary raining spring morning.
Beckett has been here before, but not since he's been an age to run and explore on his own. This time around, the dinosaurs and building blocks were definitely his favorite attractions. It was a really special day with the family, including Aunt Brittany & the cousins. So grateful for this move!
Below are a few of my favorite pics, but you can see the rest here.

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Beckett's Summer Bucket List: St. Charles Food Trucks

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

St. Charles is awesome. I am so impressed with how lively this little town is. I know I've mentioned it before, but I and just really grateful to have moved to a town that I enjoy so much. It could have been so different!

St. Charles stays busy almost year around. There is always something to do. One of the fun activities they host from spring through fall is their Food Trucks. Every few weeks, the trucks gather, artists come out to play music, and there is fun to be had! Now, this event is probably particularly appealing to me because I. LOVE. FOOD. I especially love an opportunity to experience new foods from different places. Beckett is no different. He'll try anything you put in front of him.

Tonight we had a really great time with my brother & his family at the first Food Truck event of the season. It was a beautiful (although rather chilly) evening, and a perfect opportunity to just get out of the house (and not make dinner!).

All loaded up & ready to eat!
Beckett's first experience with Indian Cuisine. Samosas and Chole. YUM.

Ok. So while not very original, SUPER DELISH.

Staying entertained with our cousins!

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Beckett's Summer Bucket List: Play with Bubbles!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday night we got to grill out with with Brittany, DJ, and crew. It was a beautiful evening to spend with the fam. Uncle B bought the kiddos red noses, which entertained them for a while.
The kiddos also spent FOREVER playing with bubbles!

I feel like bubbles are standard springtime fun in the world of small children. There are very few things that I've seen Beckett get so giddy over. It is an absolute blast playing with bubbles with him and it will definitely be a regular part of our summer fun!

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A STL Summer: Beckett's Bucket List 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

T Minus 127 days until the anticipated arrival of Little Miss Charlie Grace!! We are super excited to welcome Hill baby #2 into the family, but we also plan on making the most of the time leading up to her arrival!

Beckett is at that fun & exciting (albeit exhausting for this preggo momma) age when he’s thrilled by opportunities to run his little legs and explore the world around him. The weather here has finally become enjoyable and we plan to make the most of it! This is Beckett’s last summer as an only child and his first summer as a toddler, so to celebrate he (and by he I mean I) decided we need a STL Summer Bucket List! We hope to hit as many of these as possible as we get to know our (relatively) new city and enjoy some Beckett time!

As always, in an effort to preserve our memories, we plan to document our adventures here! For each Bucket List item, I’ll post of a few of my favorite pics on individual posts and the rest will be in an album here:

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Beckett's Summer Bucket List: Story Time at a Coffee Shop

Thursday, April 16, 2015

This morning, we got to venture out to Jaycee Park. Avaya joined in for the fun. It’s so much fun watching these two together. Avaya likes to be the big cousin, but unfortunately for her, Beckett is heavier than she is! 

Daredevil Duo!
Hey, Buckett! Let me hold you!

Beckett is just thrilled with the fact that he can run around now. He gets such a kick out of working those little legs. He’s fearless on the equipment and intrigued by other kiddos. We are REALLY enjoying watching him learn and play!

Workin those (not so) little legs!

You go, girl!

"Well, if the big kids can do it..."

Because Beckett still needs pretty close supervision on the big stuff, and because Avaya could spend the entire time on the swings but isn’t quite ready to swing herself yet, I don’t have the luxury of relaxing while the kiddos play. It’s a good opportunity for me to get a little bit of exercise, but after an hour or so running around after two toddlers, this pregnancy momma was worn out! So, we decided to head to a local coffee shop for their 11:00 story time.  I grabbed an ice coffee and the kiddos headed for their adorable little playroom. This coffee shop is seriously brilliant. A play room for kiddos and story time, plus a craft? That’s good business sense right there. Unfortunately, the timeline isn’t awesome for our duo. Beckett usually has lunch and nap time around 11 so he already on the verge of melting down when we got there. Also, our storyteller lady was adorable but seriously lacked enthusiasm in the story telling department. Our two lasted about .6 seconds and lost interest. The teacher in me was tempted to take over. (Just kidding). 

Perfectly timed photo… because they did NOT sit like this long.

Thanks to their adorable playroom, we lasted long enough for me to enjoy my coffee (20 minutes, tops), but then out we were again, off to pick up Eli from school. We probably won’t try that story time again anytime soon, but it would be a great place to meet up some stay at home momma friends earlier in the morning.

My iced coffee - favorite summer treat!

The Bridge Coffeehouse Playroom. BRILLIANT.

We ended the day with lunch together and dessert on the porch. It was a really great morning! :)

Popsicle time! And applesauce for the weirdo who doesn't like popsicles.

Say CHEESE!!! Beckett's first time responding to that "command." 

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Beckett's Summer Bucket List: The St. Louis Zoo!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The very first item to get crossed off of Beckett’s Bucket List was the St. Louis Zoo! We got to bring along Eli & Avaya for this adventure and it was exhausting, but SO. MUCH. FUN! Brian pointed out that people probably thought we were crazy with 3 kids, four and under and another one obviously on the way. I’m ok with that.  We usually start our day at the zoo in the children’s area, but then spend so much time in there that we don’t get to see the rest of the zoo, so this time we started in the opposite direction! We tried to let the kids walk (and burn energy) as much as possible, but let me tell you – 3 littles going in 3 different directions will definitely make you consider those kid leashes! Beckett has been to the zoo several times before but this is the first time he REALLY paid attention to the animals. I think he stared at the monkeys the longest. They were so active and fun! 

The monkeys were definitely the most entertaining.

Just love. Love everything here.

There he goes again! On the run!

Our guide.

Here mom. Let me help. 

All 4 kiddos.

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