Third Anniversary in Algoma!

Monday, June 2, 2014

I think most people, when talking about time passing, seem to think time is flying and how they can't believe it's "been 3 years already." Well, while I feel that sometimes, mostly I feel like Brian and I have known each other forever. I know I say this often, but he's my best friend and my favorite person, and we have SO MANY memories together!

This week, I got to celebrate our third anniversary with this sweet man. When we first got married, 3 years ago, we determined to try and take a trip every year around our anniversary. For our honeymoon we swept off to Antigua. For our first anniversary, we cruised to Alaska. Then last year we had an amazing adventure driving down the Pacific Coast Highway (which apparently I didn't record in a blog).

This year, with life being slightly more chaotic (including the addition of Beckett in our lives) we decided to take a shorter trip, closer to home. Even though it was only 2 nights, 3 hours from my mom's, it was an INCREDIBLE few days! It was just what we needed.

We found At the Water's Edge B&B in Algoma, Wisconsin on living social. We chose the Nautical suite. I was nervous about staying in a B&B because I had never had this experience before and was worried about privacy. Looking at the website & pictures (which I thought were fairly cheesy), we were expecting a quaint old couple to host us, but actually we had a hilarious biker-like lady in her 50s. We had great conversation and yummy breakfasts, but definitely didn't lack privacy at all.

We spent most of our time relaxing around the B&B, playing cards and drinking coffee or wine. It was amazing!! So, without further ado, some highlights and pictures:

Enjoying some coffee and the beach behind the B&B. It was chilly (just how I like it!), & beautiful. Of course, Brian prefers warmer weather, so we've agreed to go someplace warm next year!

In the yard behind the B&B.

Spent Friday morning playing chess & drinking coffee. We were the only couple there, so it was particularly peaceful!

We also spent some time enjoying the town. It was nearly deserted and totally adorable. We checked out a few cute antique shops and ate at some yummy restaurants. 

Our favorite food experience, hands down, was Skaliwags. Several people told us that despite its "hole in the wall" exterior, they serve the best seafood we'd ever have. They weren't wrong. We had some DELISH seafood nachos and a chef's sampler with shark, tuna, and bacon wrapped scallops. YUM. Brian also got to try chocolate milk beer. Brian enjoyed it. I don't recommend it. 

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