Legoland 2020

Monday, February 3, 2020

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Brian and I are both big ole firm believers in travel and in gifting experiences over things. For a while, we’ve asked for tickets and memberships as gifts from the grandparents on birthdays and holidays and we just LOVE it! I’ve been dreaming of cutting out the Christmas gifts, and this year it finally happened. Instead of a stack of gifts on Christmas morning, the kids each received one gift from Santa and then were given their gift from mom and dad: their first clue to a scavenger hunt throughout the house!

They worked together and had a BLAST finding all of the clues and assembling a huge floor puzzle. They were a little confused at first, but when we explained what LegoLand was (they had never heard of it), they quickly became excited. They also received a countdown which we have been marking off daily in our anticipation of the trip. It has made such an impact on the build-up! 

On Thursday, the kids woke up to little Lego Day gifts! They each received a LEGO keychain and bag tag for their backpacks, and a small LEGO set to entertain them during travel. They both completed their sets during the two-hour wait at the airport! Both kids are little expert travelers so the flight and subsequent drive went off without a hitch. 

We arrived at Legoland Resort just in time to catch the tail end of their nightly pajama party. The kids were immediately entertained. Beckett’s first words were, “this place is so fun!” They played in the LEGO pit, danced with the party, ran around the castle play area, and completed a scavenger hunt in our room, which led them to a set of legos for each of them! It was a great first night!

Friday and Saturday looked basically the same: a full day in the park followed by a full evening in the resort. And it was PERFECTION! 

Legoland is similar to any other theme park, except it is geared toward younger kids (2-10) and it's completely Lego themed! There are lego structures everywhere, all of your favorite Lego characters, and tons of Lego shopping!

One of my favorite parts was the Minifigure trading. All staff members have a collection of Minifigures and you can bring your own to trade with them! We brought a bag of our more generic figures and the kids switched and swapped to their heart's content.  

The rides were perfect for our kiddos. Beckett was in HEAVEN. Every time he experienced a ride, his face lit up like pure magic. It was so much fun to watch. Charlie also enjoyed the rides, but was just as content hanging out in the Tula while brother rode. Her favorite part was shopping, of course. The only problem was that once she picked out sets, all she wanted to do was leave the park to go back to the room and build! Lame kid.

We stayed at the park til close (5pm) and then went back, had dinner at the resort (which is a short walk from the park) and then enjoyed the evening activities! This hotel is the ABSOLUTE BEST. There are staff-led activities all evening, so we sat and watched the kids enjoy storytime, dance parties, building classes, etc while mom and dad enjoyed a beverage. Talk about perfect combination after a long day in a park!

Three nights was an ideal amount of time. After a totally awesome weekend, we were exhausted and ready to come home! The kids walked away with lots of fun memories and quite the stash of new Legos! 

The rest of the pics from this trip are stored here!

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