A New House Means More Trees!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Have I mentioned that we moved? Well, we did. You see, we traveled or had family in town 22 out of 30 days in November, plus had Harvest of Talents, Beckett's birthday, and three Thanksgivings. So we thought it would be a good month to also pack and clean one house and re-establish ourselves in another. Ha! I'm being sarcastic, if you're not picking it up, but actually I'm proud of our little family for taking it all in stride. I told my roommates (my grad school roommates, to be clear, who I still just call "my roommates") that at this point, our lives are so crazy all the time that throwing in a move doesn't even seem out of the ordinary. It truly just felt like, "just another day in the life..." This is our fifth house in five years of marriage. We've got this.

We are still in East Tennessee though! We moved from a tiny, temporary place to a larger home we can be more comfortable in for all of next year. Which brings me to today's point. NOW WE HAVE ROOM FOR MORE TREES!! 

Tree number one went up last night! Because I'm a big fan of the classy, white lights, Brian challenged me to create a tree with colorful lights. I think he forgot that I did so two years ago, but I'm always up for a challenge! Especially one that means designing a new tree! Because more than half of our belongings are still in STL, we picked out a small tree and a few little items to decorate it. 

The new house has an eat in kitchen, and we don't have enough furniture for two dining areas, so we decided to turn the carpeted formal dining room into a Kids Library. SWOON. [By the way. WHY do people put carpet in dining rooms?? These people obviously don't have children and prefer their chairs don't slide in and out easily. Stop the madness.] This little tree made its home in this little library and I am just in love. 

Of course, we put the kids in Christmas jammies and worked on it together. Kind of. Beckett was entertained for a little while and interested in learning how to hang the ornaments. His sweet personality makes my heart swell. 

Charlie, on the other hand, played the role of tree un-doer. She started out the evening by unraveling all of my glittery purple tulle, spreading glitter like Christmas cheer. 

Then she exploded her diaper, ruining her jammies in the process, and then ran away during the diaper change, which resulted in this gem. 

Contrary to what this picture seems to show, she is actually taking the tree apart. Thank you, Charlie. This should be a fun month of chasing her away from trees. 

We love how this sweet little tree turned out and are excited to make this new house [yet another] home!

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  1. Wow, you had a busy month! First off, I love East Tennessee, the smokies are beautiful, and I love Gatlinburg! Second, I know how moving can be and, in fact, our last move was not so graceful. Luckily, we had more room also, though, so we can fit a bigger Christmas tree in the house, when that time of year comes around again!

    Daniel Bowers @ Buyers Choice Realty


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