Beckett at 10 Months

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's been a while since I've done an update on Little Man. So much has changed since he was five months old! I thought it was about time I jot down a few of those little things we know we'll want to remember! So, here are a few of the likes, dislikes, and milestones of Beckett at 10 (and a half) months!


The kid loves food. But can you blame him? He gets it honest.
He started out on purees and soft foods (mostly avocado) at about 5 months. Now he eats whatever we eat. And he rocks it.

Guacamole & Tomatoes - 7 months
Chicken & Avocado - 9 months 
Greek Yogurt - 9 months 
Grilled fish & Squash - 9 months 
Ribs! 10 months

Hopefully he doesn't get his musical talent (or dance skills) from his parents, because this kid looooves music and dancing.
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