Beckett at 5 Months

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy five months to my little man! And to Brian and me. That means we've survived this long too, ya know. I can't believe I've been a mommy for 5 months! And today I caught my self realizing that I love this little baby SO MUCH MORE than the day he was born! How is that even possible?

Well, as I think about this amazing little man, I wanted to jot down & share a few of the fun facts we love about him at five months, and some of my favorite recent pictures.

He's Sitting Up!
He's not stable yet, and some days are better than others, but this little man is on his way to playing independently in the upright position!

Sitting up definitely makes bath time easier, and more fun!

He's so proud!
Rolls Over
Again, not consistently or confidently, but he's working on it! He still doesn't love tummy time, but is getting better. His official favorite time to roll over is diaper change time. Awesome.

Holds his bottle
He only gets one bottle a day - at bed time so I can fill it with "sleep longer" goodness. :) But it's sweet to see him holding it on his own! Is this usually an earlier skill? No clue. All I can think is "yaaay, gross motor skills!" That's the teacher in me.

Loves to smile & laugh
He can definitely brighten anyone's day.

Is working on a sleep schedule
To this day, this has been our biggest struggle, hands down. MOM IS LOSING HER MIND! We've been working really hard the last couple of weeks and are FINALLY making some progress! Unfortunately, we're having to go with a little "cry it out." This little man has gotten in the horrible habit of nursing to sleep, and all through the night. YEESH! Won't make that mistake again!

Bounces like a mad man!
He's a pro in this little fun gadget.

Wears 9 & 12 month clothes
BEAST! I don't even know how much he weighs right now. About 20 pounds. YIKES.

He's an Independent Baby!
This child will sit and play by himself ALL DAY if I let him. It's quite nice for getting things done around the house! It's sweet to hear him sit and talk to himself. LOVE IT.

Reaching for everything
It's officially hard to eat or do paperwork with this baby in your hands. He's a reacher! He also loves reaching for hair, necklaces, and FACES!

Rubs his eyes (like his momma) and messes with his ears when he's tired.
The first time I saw him tugging on his ears and fussing I was scared it was an ear infection. Turns out it's just a thing he does when he's tired! Darn cute.

Thumb Sucking?
He's toying with the idea of sucking on his thumb. Jury is still out on this one.

He is really the chillest baby ever. Every time I pick him up from child care at the gym or church, the ladies tell me how surprised they are with his chill demeanor. I'm kind of terrified for baby #2 (and following) because I've been SPOILED with Beckett!

Laughs the most with Daddy
Daddy is the king of tickling. He's discovered that Beckett laughs the hardest when you tickle his collarbone! LOVE his laugh!

Love being tossed
He gets a huge kick out of being tossed around. I'm gonna be the nervous mommy that can't look.

Hand Holder
He's still not a snuggler, which is hard for mommy. But he loves to hold hands when he's tired. He often even holds his own hands as he falls asleep.

Loves being outside!
There have been several times when taking him outside has helped calm a tantrum.

And he had several firsts this month!

First time actually paying attention to an animal at the zoo
This silly sea lion came up and gave us a little show, making silly faces through the window. SO FUN!

First time on a slide.
Weee! Good job daddy. And I love that Eli & Avaya copied Brian & Beckett. SWEET!
And… This weather was AMAZING… for about a day.

First time playing in the grass
The sitting up thing is coming in handy!

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