On Sibling Sweetness

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

In the first couple of days after we brought Charlie home from the hospital, I began to wonder if we’d messed our first kiddo up by introducing a sibling. Beckett, our ultra-calm, sweet, well-behaved boy, turned into an EVIL PERSON. Not kidding, he went from mellow to violent and - having never been through this - I was sure it was an irreversible tragedy. 

Luckily, the misery lasted only a couple of days. Beckett’s sweet personality returned, and his interest in this new creature grew quickly. 

Until tonight, I had actually forgotten about those terrifying days at the beginning. Watching them now, you’d never know they got off to such a rough start. These two ADORE each other. I love watching them play together, carry on tiny mini-human conversations, and bring their cars, little people, and action figures to life with the highest-pitched voices you’ve ever heard. Of course, they have their moments of rivalry, but in general, they LOVE being together. 

Beckett likes to help his little sister. He gets her snacks and fills her cup, calls for me when she needs help, and [usually] shares better than I’d expect a four-year old to. Charlie wants to know where her brother is at all times, follows his lead in just about anything, and flips out if she thinks we’re leaving him behind. She’ll tell you, in the most dramatic & forceful of ways, “I NEED BE-HETT!!”

Sometimes I worry because I’ve been told they’ll grow out of the sweetness. It’s so sad to think of them growing apart. But then I know sibling pairs who are the best of friends all throughout childhood and into adulthood. 

For now, I just pray fervently for the latter. And I remind myself to soak up all of these sweet moments! Any advice or encouragement from the mommas of pairs out there? What do I have to look forward to?

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