Uhll | Hill | Montgomery 2017

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Oh Lordy. Do you ever look at other people's family photos and wonder how in the world their family can be so normal while you're over here herding cats?? Seriously. Photographers must have magic fairy dust because I am AMAZED that the chaos that ensued in the minutes before this photo session is not blatantly obvious on each and every photo.

The day before this session, Brian and I ran around town looking for tops for all four of us. Beckett & Brian had nothing, Charlie's had spontaneously combusted a green spot on the front of hers, and I just never know what to do when it comes to clothes. We found shirts for 3 of us, but not Charlie, so we asked the photographer to photoshop the spot out. She rocked it. 

After tossing back and forth, I decided NOT to wear the new sweater I bought. Brian went to get dressed right before we walked out the door only to realize his shirt fit like it was two sizes too big. And both Brittany and Avaya were missing a shoe. Everyone needed to go shopping RIGHT. NOW. And we had about 20 minutes to spare. 

The Hills + Grandparents headed to Kohls. B and I ran through, Supermarket Sweep style, while Nana and Papa waited in the car. Of course, they didn't have the shirt we'd gotten before in Brian's size, so we raced around looking for the right color pallet, in his size. The only thing we could find was super wrinkly and Kohls only had ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR IRONS (why do those even exist?!) so we decided to roll with it. You can't even tell he's wrinkly (and sweating)!

While we were playing shop as fast as you can, Brittany was looking for socks in the dirty laundry bag (don't act like you haven't done it) and she found the missing shoes! How in the world two shoes from two different pairs ended up in the dirty laundry is a mystery to all of us, but hallelujah for not having to buy last minute shoes! 

Charlie fell asleep on the way to the photo shoot. Not cool. When she woke up, she was not in the mood to cooperate and was incredibly offended we wanted her to wear a fur vest and match Avaya. Notice her signature beside-herself-with-shock-and-appall move. 

You'll notice that she's not particularly happy in MOST of the pictures, is completely missing from some, and the vest only makes a couple of cameo appearances - never in the way we intended.

Despite the rough start, and a bit of an attitude from one particularly sassy two year old, we had a LOT of fun taking pictures, and it was significantly less stressful than I anticipated. 

The goal was to get decent family photos as a Christmas gift to Nana & Papa, and in that I think we succeeded! I love my family!! 

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