Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Maybe we're getting old, but this year when we realized New Years was falling on an annoying Tuesday and getting together with friends out of town would be difficult, we were kinda... a little bit... pretty much relieved. I know. OLD. Not because we don't love them - we actually miss you all terribly! But traveling some more... wasn't looking forward to it.

Then our friends here in town decided to go to Knoxville for the night. They're all young (our age) - no children... It was gonna be fun and sassy and exactly what a twenty-something year old couple should do on New Years. Buuuut... we declined. Instead, this adventurous duo curled up on the couch and watch hours upon hours of our new fav show: Modern Family. :)

Neither of us were really even interested in watching Carson Daly. Lame, right?

But alas... we did keep one New Years tradition: The good ol resolutions. So, for your reading pleasure, here they are:

- Teach Financial Peace University @ Church
- Exercise & play more sports.

- Write a cook book (You can see some of the recipes as we work on them at www.ourpaleoplaybook.blogspot.com)
- keep up with meal planning & cooking (we're really good at eating out)

Both of us together:
- Sell the house (it goes on the market Tuesday!)
- Get our of Debt (scheduled for this summer!)
- Keep up better with all of you! So.. you can hold us accountable for that. Expect a birthday card this year :) 
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