A Short Reflection on the Adventures of Pregnancy

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's almost time! I'm 35 weeks now and sincerely cannot believe how time has flown by. At the beginning of this pregnancy, I considered doing one of the cutie weekly journals to baby, or picture of baby bump, or some way to chronicle this journey. But life is crazy and things were busy and I decided not to try any of that. BUT, pregnancy has been quite the journey thus far, and I didn't want it to end without a little bit of a reflection on the adventures. So! My Pregnancy, in short:

Trimester ONE

  • Fruit anything (fresh fruit, smoothies, juice, fruity candy, etc) 
  • Asian noodles, only with chopsticks, of course.
  • Constant Headaches
  • A couple major emotional melt downs. I even had to leave work once because I couldn't pull it together! And then there was the Texas Debacle... Poor DJ.
Major life happenings: 
  • We sold our house and found out we were moving to MO. 
  • We decided I would not be going back to work.
  • We visited Dallas & got to see Devin graduate Fire Academy.
I'm grateful for:
  • The opportunity to be pregnant. I know it's a HUGE privilege and blessing. 

Bump in Progress

Trimester TWO

  •  Kid foods: Peanut butter & Jelly, Grilled Cheese, Macaroni, & Milk
  • A couple more major emotional melt downs
  • Bloody noses
  • Charlie-horse-like cramps in my tushie. Apparently ligaments are stretching. Not comfortable. 
Major life happenings: 
  • Crossed off Bucket List Item: Drive the Pacific Coast Highway. With Nicole & Hector!
  • For my birthday, Brian surprised me with my WHOLE Satchell FAM at our favorite, Oak Haven Resort!
  • We bought a house! And moved from East TN to MO
  • We finally decided on a name: Joseph Beckett Hill. We'll call him Beckett.
I'm grateful for:
  • A fairly easy, uneventful pregnancy thus far. I'm healthy, Beckett is healthy, and I have no major symptoms. God has pampered me. 

Trimester THREE

  • Sweet tea, especially during melt downs. Don't worry, I learned to cut it with unsweetened tea so I wasn't COMPLETELY drowning Beckett in sugar.
  • Milk
  • Wine. I'm counting down the days.
  • PAIN.  My body hurts.
  • Braxton Hicks Contractions. EEK.
  • More emotional melt downs.
Major life happenings: 
  • We begin renovations on this ginormous project house
  • We find out Brian is now unemployed. But we thoroughly cherish the time at home together and the excitement of new adventures.
I'm grateful for:
  • Our Family & Friends. We have been showered with love and support. We have received every single item we need off our registry, plus some. We are SO blown away by the amazing support system we have. You all are a HUGE BLESSING. 
  • Brian. He is seriously the BEST man I know. He has been SO GOOD to me and I cannot even express how grateful I am that Beckett will have him as a daddy. We are beyond blessed to have him. 

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