Friday, August 16, 2013

Today we made the #bigmove from East Tennessee to the St. Louis area! I considered live tweeting, but since I was driving, I figured I better refrain. :) It was a fairly perfect day for a move. We were blessed with a ton of help packing, great weather, and no major setbacks. Here's my live tweet version of today's events!

2am -  After about 8 hours of laboring, we close up the truck for the night!

7:30a - Brian is up and working #workerbee

9:30a - I finally come to. We start the day with a prayer for guidance and safety. #Amen

11:00a - Time to close up the truck! Josh comes over to see us off! Actually, he came over to see Brian attempt to get out of our incredibly steep driveway in this 26 foot truck. #goodfriend

11:10a - On his first attempt, Brian gets the truck out of the driveway without taking out the mailbox or getting completely stuck in the concrete. The yard and the street have seen better days. #oops #beastofatruck

11:22a - Brian and Josh load the Mazda onto the trailer... They looked pretty good until I hear Brian ask, "Any idea what those chains are for?"

12p. And we're off!! Brian is driving the 26 foot Penske and pulling my Mazda. I'm driving Brian's Ford F150 and pulling a 12ft cargo trailer. Even with everything packed to the brim, we still had to leave stuff behind. #MegaCaravan

12:04p - Four minutes in! We were making such great progress we decided to stop for Starbucks and snacks. #priorities #roadtripfeul

12:22p - on the road again! #forrealthistime

1:11p - It's time to enter the interstate. I attempted my first lane change and learned quickly not to whip anything! I definitely changed too fast and was waggin' that trailer tail like a happy puppy. #lessonlearned

1:12 Brian's first attempt at taking out another vehicle. #Power trip.

1:17. Have to pee. #pregnancy #roadtrip

1:18p - We determine 55 mph is our top speed. Gonna be a long 515 miles. #secondthoughts

1:23. Realize that after 10 years I'm still awed by the beatify of East TN. What a blessing. I'm gonna miss this place. I get a little ready eyes. Then I suck it up. #sentimental #nocrying

1.49p - Tn hills = 40mph. 463 miles to go.

2:00. I crack open my second water bottle. Not the brightest move I've ever made. #pregnancy

2:50. First stop. I step out of the truck onto gravel and slide to my rear, hitting both truck steps on the way down. My butt hurts. #oops

6:58p - The roads are flattening out. I'm falling asleep. 213 miles to go. #roadtrip 

9:55p - Forget sheep. I'm counting miles and dozing right off.  Usually by now I'd be fast asleep in the passenger seat. Cars put me to sleep. Now I'm not allowed and I'm craving my bed. Hurting head to toe. Approaching 10 hours on the road. 56 miles left. #needsleepnow #bigmove

10:11p - We discuss skipping the house closing to go get massages. #movingpains

10:22p - Brian declares, "15 miles!" I praise The Lord. The end is near. #almosthome

10:50.p - We pull in the driveway. I consider sleeping there. #almosthome

Tonight we stay at Brian's parents'.  Tomorrow we head another 50 minutes West to St. Charles!

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