A Christmas Excursion in Chicago!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Anybody else obsessed with Christmas in the city?! Because I'm SWOONING. Tonight was my first chance to take my favorite littles into one of my favorite cities in the wooorld to see the Christmas goodness. The last couple of years have been too bitterly cold. But tonight was a PERFECT balance of just cold enough to warrant bundling but not cold enough to be uncomfortable. Thank you, Mother Nature. [Don't mind my kids. They just woke up!]

Tonight Nana, Papa, the kiddos, and I hauled into the city for a quick-ish Christmas excursion. Generally, I would take the train into the city but kids warrant convenience so we drove. Best decision ever. We parked at millennial park, so that it could first be our first and last stop! 
The tree lighting was Saturday but we decided to skip the madness and wait until today. Hello, Christmas tree! 

Then we shuffled down to Macy's. Because it's what Christmas dreams are made of. The window displays seem straight out of every amazing Christmas movie and Christmas Lane reminds me of the Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge. Love. 

Guys. I knew my daughter and I were a lot alike but her enthrallment (?) with the Christmas displays made my heart swell. I wish you could hear her high pitched musings. She was even often better behaved than her brother. That's unusual in our world. 

Beckett was less impressed and has been working on living up to the reputations of 3-year olds everywhere, so we got a lot of this. 

He did find a few things to amuse him, though. They sat in the Macy's floor for a while after Papa introduced him to these cutie creatures. Smart man. Gave me a second to take in the ornament overwhelm. 

After Macy's, we headed to Giordanno's. Because it's Chicago. Of course we didn't think about the 45 minute wait for pizza, so that experience mostly consisted of finding new ways to entertain two toddlers, but it was totally worth it. 

On the walk back, we took in the magic of the city lights and checked out the tree all lit up in the dark. Figures we would haul all the way down to the city to see one single tree and then forget to take photos of it, though! It was a quick trip, but it made for a very fun an magical afternoon!

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