It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas in the Hill Home!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year! I love the decorations and the trees and the SNOW! I look forward to winter and Christmas all year. Yes - I'm one of this crazy people who prefers the cold over the hot.

I've been collecting ornaments for years because my dream is to have a tree in every room of the house. :)

My favorite tree in the house is the white tree in my living room. I designed and shopped for this one with my mom a couple years back. The inspiration (and some of the ornaments) came from the Biltmore Mansion. Mom, Curt, Brian, & I took a trip there a couple years ago, so we have sweet memories attached to this tree.

Last year when it came time to decorate for Christmas, I was laid up post c-section and with a newborn.  I got the white tree up but everything else was blah. Actually, the mantle still had the fall leaves on it throughout the entire Christmas season. Not this year! Mantle: CHECK!

This moose piece is actually a decoration I made for Beckett's first birthday party. I used it to decorate the mantle, and thought it went well with the Christmas decor, too! 

And that newborn the kept me laid up last year is now a one-year-old and a FABULOUS little helper. He was too sweet and adorable throughout all the decoration process. 

Beckett has his own special tree in the house, too. We've designated one tree to be less formal & "matchy-matchy" and more traditional and family-centered. This will be the tree the dons the homemade ornaments and the annual "buy something that represents you and put your name and date on it" ornament. This tree also gets the colorful lights… I really like the white lights and expected to not really approve of this tree but was kind of surprised with how much I love it.

Last year, Great Grandma Satchell made Beckett this so adorable stocking, which goes great with his tree! We love it!! Thank you, Grandma!

One last minute (surprise to Brian) addition to the family of trees in our house was the dining room tree. I found it used for $10 and just couldn't pass it up!  

This was the first tree that Brian and I really shopped for together. We had an outing to the Christmas store in Gatlinburg and had SO MUCH FUN picking out ornaments. (OK… I had fun… not sure about Brian).

 I used to have way more ornaments for it, but a certain puppy decided purple and red glitter foliage make a good snack. NOT A HAPPY DAY. 

Because the house is STILL under renovation (only a year and a half later!) we haven't really gotten to the decorating part yet. We're still working on paint and floors and knocking out walls! Needless to say, most of the rooms struggle to feel comfy and homey. SO! I loved putting together the photos on the credenza. Each of the photos are one of my favorites and hold special memories (as most photos do, I would presume!)

I'm not at all ashamed to admit how giddy I was about decorating the banister. This is the first banister I've ever had IN MY LIFE!! Now if only we could remove the wall paper, paint the walls, and install floors! (Yes, that's still subfloors you see on those stairs - but we're rocking it!)

And then there's one last little tree in the house. This little guy is in Beckett's nursery. It's decorated with fabric & colors from his first birthday party!

And to top off the festivities, Christmas cards arrived today!!! Last year I didn't send the cards until February (I stand by my "better late than never" philosophy) so this year the goal is just to maybe get them out while it's still 2014.

Merry Christmas!

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