Beckett's Summer Bucket List: Story Time at a Coffee Shop

Thursday, April 16, 2015

This morning, we got to venture out to Jaycee Park. Avaya joined in for the fun. It’s so much fun watching these two together. Avaya likes to be the big cousin, but unfortunately for her, Beckett is heavier than she is! 

Daredevil Duo!
Hey, Buckett! Let me hold you!

Beckett is just thrilled with the fact that he can run around now. He gets such a kick out of working those little legs. He’s fearless on the equipment and intrigued by other kiddos. We are REALLY enjoying watching him learn and play!

Workin those (not so) little legs!

You go, girl!

"Well, if the big kids can do it..."

Because Beckett still needs pretty close supervision on the big stuff, and because Avaya could spend the entire time on the swings but isn’t quite ready to swing herself yet, I don’t have the luxury of relaxing while the kiddos play. It’s a good opportunity for me to get a little bit of exercise, but after an hour or so running around after two toddlers, this pregnancy momma was worn out! So, we decided to head to a local coffee shop for their 11:00 story time.  I grabbed an ice coffee and the kiddos headed for their adorable little playroom. This coffee shop is seriously brilliant. A play room for kiddos and story time, plus a craft? That’s good business sense right there. Unfortunately, the timeline isn’t awesome for our duo. Beckett usually has lunch and nap time around 11 so he already on the verge of melting down when we got there. Also, our storyteller lady was adorable but seriously lacked enthusiasm in the story telling department. Our two lasted about .6 seconds and lost interest. The teacher in me was tempted to take over. (Just kidding). 

Perfectly timed photo… because they did NOT sit like this long.

Thanks to their adorable playroom, we lasted long enough for me to enjoy my coffee (20 minutes, tops), but then out we were again, off to pick up Eli from school. We probably won’t try that story time again anytime soon, but it would be a great place to meet up some stay at home momma friends earlier in the morning.

My iced coffee - favorite summer treat!

The Bridge Coffeehouse Playroom. BRILLIANT.

We ended the day with lunch together and dessert on the porch. It was a really great morning! :)

Popsicle time! And applesauce for the weirdo who doesn't like popsicles.

Say CHEESE!!! Beckett's first time responding to that "command." 

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