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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pregnancy is definitely an adventure. I barely remember anything about my last - it was pretty much a whirlwind. So! This time I've committed to 36 weeks of journaling just a few short thoughts and updates so that one day I can look back and remember this awesome little experience that is such an enormous blessing!

After 6 months of trying; we found out we're pregnant! I craved Chinese food, orange juice, & cheap nasty burritos (which I did NOT cave to); had a mad rage meltdown (on the inside because I'm trying to control my hormonal self) because Brian used a spatula instead of a frosting bag to decorate the cupcakes.

Still struggling with hormones and stress and attempting to control myself & not melt down over random nonsense. Craved wine, which obviously I'm not drinking. I'm more tired that usual and just read that new studies show caffeine (just 100mg - or one cup of coffee - a day!) increases risk of miscarriage by 14% and still birth by 19%. I was drinking my 2nd cup of coffee of the day as I read it. Lame. Next week they'll probably say caffeine leads to genius babies, but for now I'll be trading in my coffee for hot lemon water for my own peace of mind. Also, got to tell our siblings about our good news! Beckett announced it with his cute shirt Mommy made him.

We've consistently referred to whatever's happening in there as "the twins" and I've already started planning a girl's nursery. My biggest concern right now, however, is the fact that I still have leftover baby bump so how will I know when I start to show???

This week I got to spend the week with my college roommates putting together Rachel's new baby girl nursery! It was so sweet to be a part of her beautiful little room coming together.

Of course,  I also spent some time day dreaming about our own little girl nursery! Having a boy would be convenient for prep purposes but... I'm gonna go ahead and bet on a Charlie Grace (and Kinsley Rae of course)... I've got a whole Pinterest board of ideas.
Regarding symptoms I've had several aversions but no cravings. I've had lots of unattractive, icky experiences of which I will spare details.
It still hasn't quite sunk in that I'm preggo. I know that's normal. I'm definitely excited but not as overwhelmed or anxious as the first time, of course.

Had our first ultrasound this week! There's officially only one in there, although Nanna is convinced Kinsley is just hiding behind Charlie. Other than the missing kiddo, she looks healthy! Ultrasound measures her being due Aug 23. Doc said Aug 25 based on my cycle.

The fatigue and food aversions have been kicking my butt this week. I'm not usually a napper but it's becoming a daily survival strategy. Dinners have consisted of pancakes, oatmeal, toast, English muffins, rice and beans, potatoes, salad, and pineapple. Not super healthy and definitely not Paleo but it's what doesn't make me sick! Brian has also pointed out that my patience is THIN. Poor guy. :)

I also had a dream this week that I was invited to be on a talk show and then was forced to get on a scale in front of the whole audience and on national television. The scale read 19 billion pounds. :(

Well. I've lost a few pounds in the last week. This vegetarian baby might be on to something. (Kidding!) Still, meals have looked like this: 

 Luckily, I'm not throwing up. Just queasy at the sight (or sometimes MENTION) of several foods.
Doc called this week and told me my progesterone is low. $75 for the FLIPPIN' Rx (we moved to a high deductible plan... thanks "Affordable" Care Act) but I googled it and apparently I need that goodness to support my uterus so progesterone supplements it is! I also looked up the side effects of low progesterone and now the last couple of weeks make so much more sense! Brian agrees it's worth it. :)

Dizziness and heartburn! Gag! I have a bigger appetite but still not interested in meat. Today I took a bunch of gender predictor tests for a little fun. Here's what they say so far:

I promise I didn't leave out the "boy" ones! Of course a lot of the predictors are not applicable to me yet (how you're carrying, etc). If this baby is a boy, he will be a walking advertisement for how these silly wives tales don't work! Only 11 more weeks (ish) til we know for sure! Most of the world is rooting for a girl, but Dennis Wayne says boy this time so Beckett has a brother close in age to grow up with. We'll see! I'm still pinning ideas for a baby girl nursery.

Also went to the doc this week! I love her. Everything looks good. Baby is measuring at 9 weeks, 4 days (3 days big). Still no sign of a second one! ;) Here's our little mover & shaker! Isn't she the CUTEST BABY YOU'VE EVER SEEN??

Oh. And that thing from week four where I was going to stop drinking coffee? Not a thing. Who comes up with these statistics anyway. I'LL DRINK COFFEE IF I WANNA DRINK COFFEE! Boom.

Well my appetite is back in FULL SWING. It's a bitter-sweet thing, really. I think I liked it better when I was living on fruit. Now I just wanna eat everything I see (compensating for lost time, obviously) and if I can't get it under control, it's going to be a problem! 
I've also had some pretty obnoxious pains in my butt. (Hehehe, tmi?). Apparently it's caused by a hormone (called Relaxin) that is softening my ligaments and preparing things to move around. It's pretty amazing to me to think about the way your body prepares to GROW A HUMAN BEING! (Seriously, though!) But the side effects are pretty random. :)
One more exciting thing is we've decided to make it "Facebook Official." :) We've let most of our family and friends know about our exciting news, but today I got to post Beckett's announcement photo and announcement blog post.

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