Charlie's First Pigtails!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I know there will be many "firsts" with the kids, and they will probably all be entertaining, but I feel like Charlie has gotten jipped a bit on the level of excitement for different firsts because she's the second child. But today, she got allll the glory. Today, Charlie got her first pigtails. 

So the pigtails are admittedly ridiculous looking. Charlie was not nearly as impressed as I was, but I giggled A LOT. I didn't feel bad, either. She might as well get used to being the only girl I have the power to use as my own personal little doll. She definitely has a personality that concerns me... I'm 100% certain she'll protest as I try to control her hair and wardrobe, but I'm up for the challenge.

She didn't hate the single pony tail as much as the double. Maybe that was because the double made her look like a sorority girl on Halloween... If you know what I mean.. The single is definitely better. 


Having a little girl definitely comes with SIGNIFICANTLY more challenges than having a boy, but eeeeee!!!! THISISSOFUN! 

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