An Adventure into the Great Outdoor [World].

Thursday, August 11, 2016

I'm a home body. I love home. But when I'm home, I tend to get caught up in the millions of things I could and should be doing here instead of being intentional with my kiddos. This week has been particularly full of to do lists, so today, these two minis and I decided it was time for a little adventure. Because it's just shy of one billion degrees and humid, we decided to make a trip to the exceptionally well air-conditioned Bass Pro Shop!

The BEST part about Bass Pro is there are exactly one MILLION things to look at, and I'm not tempted to buy a single solitary item [except that one really cute board book I saw].

I was worried how Beckett would respond. Last time we tried to venture into Bass Pro, he was afraid of the Moose and wasn't impressed with the other animals either! But this time, I wish I had a recorder for all of the cute phrases that kept coming. "Wow! Wook up dare! Wots ishy (fishy)! Oooo! Weady (really) big nose!" Charlie just squealed a lot.

If I had known that these fish would entertain these kids for so long, I would have grabbed a coffee to enjoy!

Exploring with these two lends itself to so many sweet moments. Experiencing new things definitely brings out a side of them that I don't often see at home -- or maybe I'm not paying close enough attention. Charlie loves people watching and being out and about. And Beckett loves to learn new words. He repeated everything I said with is adorable two year old speech, and I could have just melted. [Although I'm sure one day he'll repeat something I say and I'll want to melt in a completely different way. LoL.]

After the fishies, we headed up for some more intense adventuring. We rode the glass elevator (which is more exciting than you might think) and then Beckett got to shoot his first rifle! (Kind of). He was so focused and serious! Poor gophers didn't stand a chance.

Our Bass Pro has a restaurant, so we finished up our morning there. We're very lucky that our two do fairly well in restaurants, so this was sweet & enjoyable too. Buck & Chuck are finally to an age where they really enjoy each other and interact in all of the sweetest ways. Beckett kept wanting to hand Charlie bites of chicken. "He ya do Tawlie."

And just like that! Another fun morning in the books!

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