Happy [Belated] Birthday, Brian!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Brian turned 32 this week. I think often as we get a year older, we feel like "how can I possibly be [insert your number here]," but this guy makes me wonder the opposite. HOW IS HE ONLY 32?

I don't think I need to reiterate the many details of this past year, but I will say this guy has taken on A. LOT. this year. In less than 365 days, Brian has welcomed his second child, bought a company, brought said failing company back to life (saving a lot of jobs, by the way), said good-bye to his 10 year old BFF puppy, moved into a second home, celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, traveled all over the planet for work and personal reasons, and dealt with way more lawyers and law suits and drama than I care to think about, all while maintaining EXCELLENCE in his husband & father roles. And I kid you not, he makes it look easy. I promise I'm not just being biased when I say that he operates with such integrity, kindness, and grace that I am amazed by him DAILY. He is patient, generous, and incredibly hard working. The way he manages to balance life and put others first is absolutely stunning. He is not your average 32 year old, folks.

In true Brian form, he was more concerned about work than his birthday, so Tuesday on his ACTUAL birthday, he was out of town at a conference. So tonight, we celebrated!

One of the major perks of being in Tennessee temporarily, is living near Russ and crew. We're so lucky to have family here too! Tonight, Russ treated us all to a Brian birthday dinner at a new favorite restaurant on the lake. There's something about being right on the water that makes everything taste better. It's magical, I tell ya.

After dinner, we came back to the house for cake and presents. Because you're never too old for that part of a birthday.

It was a simple and fun evening. I love spending time and making memories with these folks. Unlike us, it'll never get old. ;)

Happy birthday, favorite!

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