Our Christmas Letter: An Update on Us

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A few years ago, we started this blog in lieu of a traditional Christmas letter. Still, I think that if someone we don't keep up with often were to ask what we were up to,  this blog would not completely answer that question. So, here's the run down!!

We've been in St. Charles now for 16 months, but it seems like we're still brand new here. We haven't branched out much, but I haven't been in much of a hurry to either. Before we moved we were super involved in everything and stayed crazy busy, so I think we've both been enjoying a bit of a hermit lifestyle. However, it's one of my New Year's resolutions to be more social!

Brian is currently working for Coca-Cola as an account manager. He enjoys it well enough but doesn't see it as a life-long thing. We're super grateful for the job in the meantime though! He's also doing some free-lance graphic design & some consulting on the side, which is more related to the field he really loves. We're grateful God knows what He's doing. He's made some changes in Brian's career path in the last year and a half that we would have never expected, but know are for the better. The whole experience has reminded us how comforting it is that He is in control. We'll keep you updated as things evolve!

I have the awesome privilege of staying home with Beckett! I'm still working on figuring out what that looks like. I often struggle with balance. I love playing with him, of course. We also stay busy with playdates, story time at the library, etc. I've been super blessed with some awesome stay-at-home-mommy friends in the area. I'm amazed by the wonderful, encouraging women I am privileged to hang out with on a fairly regular basis. I also stay busy doing a little bit of work from home. I have a store on Teachers Pay Teachers that I've been working on for this past year. I have also recently started a small event planning business with my sister in law (Brittany), called Savvy Chic Events. So, I stay much busier than I'd anticipated!

Beckett is just as sweet and adorable as ever. He's recently started walking all over the place, which is a LOT of fun. It's been amazing to see his personality unfold. He is very independent and will spend most of the day playing by himself if I let him, which is great when I'm busy! He's not much of a snuggler, so some days I miss the first few months and am ready for babies number two & three! ;)

It seems like a year ago we were in the midst of EVERY MAJOR LIFE CHANGE possible. A move, job changes, a new baby, etc. This year, we're pretty boring and I LIKE IT! The only major project currently is this house. We bought it to renovate and got off to a really strong start, but lost serious momentum almost immediately. The sudden job change and newborn child helped with that. Keep an eye out though! We are VERY CLOSE to finishing several rooms,  so I'll be posting photos and updates soon!

And I think that's it for us! Looking into 2015, there's a good chance we'll have another whirlwind year (much like 2013!), so keep us in your prayers!

Merry Christmas!
Love, The Hills

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