Beckett's First Birthday

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Beckett's ONE! Can you even believe it?! One of the biggest perks of surviving this year was being able to throw Beckett's first birthday party. It was so much fun to plan!! Brittany (my sister in law) and I have recently started a small event planning business (check out our page here!) so it was good practice for us!

We went with a rustic moose theme, based on Beckett's toy moose that we all love. Almost all of the decorations were made, borrowed, or something we already had! I was pretty impressed with myself for working on a budget. :)

Brian definitely had his work cut out for him for this event. With all of the wood work to be done, he stayed busy. His dad helped too, which made for sweet father-son time, and made us that much more happy to have moved closer. Brian even got a new saw out of the deal.

The moose head is made from old deck wood we found for free on Craigslist! The flags are made from pants I bought at the thrift store! Is that gross?

The tree stumps are straight out of my parents' wood pile. How convenient. 

For food we had a trail mix bar. This was a win win idea. It was cute and went a long with the rustic theme, plus I didn't have to prepare any food! I do not like cooking. So, being able to rip open some bags and dump them in a jar is my idea of party perfection.


We also had a photo booth! We made that moose out of cardboard and those are my Christmas trees.

We decided one of our birthday traditions will be to have a "birthday book" that we invite our party guests to sign. We found this book {This is a Moose} and thought it would be a perfect addition to our party. It's a sweet book about a Moose who wants to be an astronaut but is being told he can't because he's a Moose!

Thanks to Nana, we have a bounce house on hand, which makes for perfect & easy entertainment for littles! We also have a ball pit in our playroom. We just added a billion balloons and the kids had a good ol time!

This is big cousin Eli gently showing Beckett how to bounce in the bounce house. STINKIN CUTE.

Of course, we had to do the traditional first birthday smash cake!

Beckett seemed a little confused as to what he was supposed to do with the cake. We thought he would devour the whole thing. I helped him get started, and then he just picked at it! He sure did look adorable doing it, though.

He was totally entertained and excited to share his cake with mommy and daddy. Of course, that also made for sweet memories & photo opportunities.

I can't get enough of this sweet face! He's so silly & he loves goofing off, especially with his daddy.

When it came to gifts, we were overwhelmed with how showered Beckett was. The living room was taken over. He got a ton of really great gifts. We asked our guests (with a cute little poem) to bring a book instead of a card and to sign them. Beckett loved his books!

Beckett never really got the hang of the tearing wrapping paper part, but he was plenty entertained once the gifts were revealed! He was just silly and cute. He was particularly giddy when he opened this coat. He's his mother's child. :)

One of our favorite gifts of the night is a Christmas tree from Grandma & PaPaw Hill! They planted a one year old tree in their front year so we can watch Beckett and his tree grow! SO SWEET!

As soon as all of the gifts were opened, the kids (in true kiddo-form) did the only sensible thing and jumped into a box. What sweet memories! We're so glad we moved here so we could be closer to our family!

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