Beckett at ONE YEAR!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

One year! We've got a one year old! It's been the best year ever. {You can check out pictures from the last year here!}

Little man has grown SO much just in the last couple of months. He weighs 27 pounds (the same as his 2.5 year old cousin!), and is off the charts in all areas for his age. We're ok with that. :) He's gonna be a football player!

He LOVES singing. He's the only person in the world who thinks I'm a good singer, but I'll take it! He likes to sing himself too. His favorite is the alphabet… He's only got "f" (which sounds more like "eh") and "g" down, but it's cute to watch him try! 


He's still a happy go lucky, easy going baby, with a few exceptions. He's learning how to throw a tantrum! They aren't very often (yet) but they sure are heart-breaking. I'm determined not to give in to whatever he's tantruming about, but it makes me a little sad and a little entertained at the same time. 

He's also just started walking this week! He's just too cute toddling all over the house. He wears this big proud grin on his face like suddenly he can conquer the world. He's definitely keeping us on our toes.

 He likes shooting hoops in his little tykes hoop, playing with hot wheels, any kind of ball, and blocks, hanging out at the front window & watching the cars, almost any food you put in front of him (in large amounts, please!). 

He STILL doesn't like to sleep. 13 long months of trying to get this kid to sleep well and he's still fighting it. He wakes up once or twice a night to eat, and only goes down with a bottle. It's on the wish-list to figure out how to transition out of these habits but for now, I'm going to get the sleep I can.

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