Happy Birthday, Nanna!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Have I mentioned how much I love being closer to family? This weekend we got to swipe our niece and nephew and road trip up to my parents' house for Nanna's birthday!

It's about a 6.5 drive with stops and traffic, but went surprisingly well with these awesome littles. Of course, road tripping with three kids is an adjustment for anyone, but we were prepared with entertainment and movies for the drive. 

Even the grown ups got to escape to the back for some movie time. {Side note: we watched The Fox & the Hound! Talk about throwback}. 

Of course, a stretch break at McD play place helps too. 

Beckett's first play place experience.
On Saturday, it was alll about Nanna! We baked a cake, surprised her by painting the new playroom, opened gifts, and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

Killing time before our table is ready.

On Sunday, Eli got to participate in the children's Christmas program at church. Our pastor Tim pointed out how neat it was to see a miniature DJ (he's seriously a clone) running around our home church a decade and a half after DJ started attending. I would have to agree.

Before we hit the road on Sunday, we hit up the park to burn some more energy and spend a few more minutes with Nanna & Papa!

It's particularly awesome to see these three cousins growing up together. 

Happy Birthday, Nanna!

The closest thing we got to a good picture with all of them.
Thanks for cooperating, kids.

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