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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


So Saturday I posted an {Update on the Beckett Bump} that basically said TODAY would be our decision making day on whether or not to induce. We've been back and forth and have heard opinions and recommendations from both sides. Here's the timeline of what has happened since then. Buckle up, ya'll:

Brian had a phone interview with {Traeger Grills} for a Manager in training position. He was excited about the interview, as this was a job he thinks he would truly enjoy, selling a product he could actually believe in. He did well on the phone interview & was invited to do a video audition of sorts. Talk about nerve wracking! He would be video taped pretending to sell a grill & then a team at Traeger would vote on the tape. This was intimidating, but exciting! :) Unfortunately, we also found out at this point that if he got the job, he would have to leave for training THIS SUNDAY and be gone for a 8 days. WHAT?! This momma has NO CLUE what to do with a newborn, and also is VERY used to having hubby at home aaaall the time. Now I'm going to be thrown in with a BABY and NO help? Awesome. We decided that I would suck it up and be just fine and dandy with our newborn (assuming he arrived Thursday-ish). Plus, my mom scheduled extra time off to be here most of the week. It was very disappointing to know that Brian would miss Beckett's first week at home, but we decided the job was worth it. At this point, we knew that an induction would be the only way to guarantee Brian would be here for the birth.

We spent the day waddling to a couple of different Traeger locations to check out the grills and hear the sales pitches. Brian researched and practiced his pitch, had the interview at 5 and by 6:30 got a call back with a JOB OFFER! Woooo hooo!!! We were disappointed to confirm that Brian would be gone, but THRILLED to know we had a job lined up. Bitter sweet praise. At this point, we were still uneasy with the thought of induction, but the guarantee of Beckett being here was looking pretty good.

This morning we went to the doctor. We got the disappointing and stressful news that my cervix has not made much progress at all. The doctor said if Brian weren't out of town, she would recommend waiting until Monday to revisit the idea of induction, but that she also was ok with inducing tomorrow. We still have the concerns of Beckett's large size and disproportionate abdomen/shoulders so having him out is a good thing too. She explained to us the option of Cervidil. Basically this drug will soften my cervix and prepare it to be induced. 
This was troublesome for us both. Induction was not ideal in the first place, and then we felt like we were forcing my body to be prepared to be forced into labor. Too much forcing for our taste. But if we DON'T induce, we would have to decide between Brian taking the job, going to training, and quite possibly missing the birth, or giving up a job that we were excited about. Needless to say, today was stressful. There were many tears (100% mine) and back and forth on what we could do. 
In the end, we decided to take Traeger out of the mix, and knew that we were not comfortable with inducing at this point. That being decided, we were not ok with inducing for the mere convenience of the schedule and that this job was not worth doing something we were uncomfortable with or Brian missing Beckett's birth. SO, we emailed Brian's recruiter and explained the position we were in. We basically told him that if we could reschedule, great. If not, sorry, we couldn't accept. We were immediately at peace with the decision. Another job would come along.
However! To our INCREDIBLY PLEASANT SURPRISE, Brian received an email back, not much later, with a super sweet note from his recruiter. He was very supportive of Brian needing to be at home with me, and offered Brian the option of putting of training until December 1. More tears. All mine. We were SO PLEASED and grateful with this turnout! :) Not sure why we were worried in the first place - we know God has a plan and has things under control. But still.. you know how it is.

So NOW, we wait! We have another appointment Monday to see how things are progressing. We are hoping to avoid an induction, so we will continue to pray and encourage Beckett to come on out on his own. We are SO grateful to have the opportunity for Brian to be home for a couple more weeks, able to spend time with me and our new addition, and have a job waiting for him on December 1. What a HUGE blessing.

So this week, that's what I'm thankful for: 
{Monday}: Our doctor. Her thorough explanations & patience. The fact that she is REALLY good at presenting all of the options, pros, and cons without pressuring in any direction, and the fact that we both really trust her and look forward to her delivering Beckett. 
{Tuesday}: All of our friends and family who were supportive and encouraging. Who prayed for us and our decision, and who volunteered to help out. Especially my momma who scheduled a week off of work to be here and help with Beckett while Brian was gone. 
{Wednesday}: The people at Traeger Grills who are obviously family friendly and willing to be flexible & understanding so that we can focus on what's important. 

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