Update on the Beckett Bump

Saturday, November 9, 2013

On the Beckett Bump:

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and for the third week in a row the doctor told us that Beckett has not moved. My cervix is still completely closed. Apparently that kid is coooomfy cozy in there! Our doctor is obviously concerned about his size. She is particularly concerned with his proportions. Apparently having a 9-10 pound baby isn't necessarily the problem. The issue is she's concerned his broad shoulders {football player} will get stuck and cause Shoulder Dystocia

Our doctor has been REALLY GREAT. We like her a LOT. She's very supportive of any decision we make and has been very thorough in explaining possibilities and options. She hasn't made us nervous or worried, at all. She seems confident, but is also very clear (yet calm) with her concerns. She wants to avoid a c-section as much as we do. She's also not thrilled with the option of inducing. She says there is no perfect answer for what course to take. Of course, Brian and I would both prefer to just remain pregnant until Beckett is good and ready to make his arrival and then have a normal vaginal delivery and then bring our baby on home! :) Of course, that's not always possible! So we're weighing the pros & cons and options. 

If we induce: We reduce the chance of Beckett getting stuck because of his large size. However, inducing also brings a greater chance for longer labor and/or c-section. It's also not "natural." We would prefer Beckett just come when he's ready.

If we don't induce: We run the chance of him staying in there too long and getting way big. The longer we wait, the higher risk we are at for a c-section. 

SO. As of right now, we have induction scheduled for Thursday morning at 7:30am. We are not committed to this, but we're on the books so that if we decide that's what we want, the hospital can fit us in! This week, we're spending time praying about the decision, and also just praying that Beckett just comes! :) Wednesday morning we have an appointment with the doctor. She will examine my cervix, which will also help to make a decision. If there are still no changes, we will not induce. If my cervix is obviously not ready, there's no point. 

In the meantime, we are being handed a LOT of opinions, experiences, and advice. Of course, everybody has an opinion. We appreciate the encouraging words and prayers from everyone. We've heard over and over, "I had a 10 pound baby and it was just fine." "Oh.. the doctors these days always want to induce. That baby will come when he's good and ready." We agree. Having a 10 pound baby without a c-section or inducing is very possible. Also, it's sad and scary how "normal" it has become to just schedule deliveries out of convenience. This is not our goal. We've also heard scary stories. A neighbor's son suffered Shoulder Dystocia and they had to break his collarbone to get him out. We've had friends who were in labor forever and baby wouldn't come/fit and they ended up having to do emergency c-sections. The whole experience can go either way. That's why were are so grateful for our doctor. We believe she went to school for a very long time, she's compassionate, understanding, and obviously passionate about what she does. She has been diligent to give us our options without pressuring us in any direction. God knows what he's doing. So we'll pray this week that he guides our decision and keeps us safe and healthy no matter what we decide!

In the meantime, Douggie is ready for this Beckett to arrive too...

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  1. Here is my 2 cents worth, for free. It is very easy for those of us who have been there, done that to be judge mental and try to force our decision and preference on others, especially those new to the game. Once you make your final decision own it. If you are questioned, gently remind them that the two of you and your doctor have made the absolute best decision for Beckett and that is what is most important. If they would like to go to medical school and then review your records, fine, but you really can't wait for that. Love you! Meriam. P.S. Research the Ina Mae Gaskins Method. She is a very famous midwife who teaches a Guatemalan method of delivery for shoulder dystocia. BUT it is not for the faint of heart and your doctor would absolutely have to research it, too. (And no epidural, either.)


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