A #ThankfulNovember

Friday, November 1, 2013

So I've decided to jump on the #ThankfulNovember bandwagon. I love seeing the tags on Facebook. I mean, really... how often do we really stop and give thanks for the little things? Last year I started doing this, but totally forgot after a few days. Shameful. This year I've decided instead of just posting to Facebook (if at all) I will post to this blog. Mostly because as I continue to blog, I am enjoying it more... and loving the prospect of one day looking back and reminiscing on the little thing in life. So whether anyone else reads or not, I want to remember my #ThankfulNovember 2013, and all the little moments that will follow.

After this post, I'm thinking my #Thankful posts will probably consist of a picture and a sentence or two. So without further ado:

Nov 1: I'm thankful for my time at home. I've been able to spend a TON of time reading, blogging, reflecting, and preparing for Beckett! Brian and I have had awesome conversations, realizations, and time... time to just think, and be together, and be grateful for each other and our lives together. It's been good.

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