Beckett's First Soccer Game

Monday, March 12, 2018

Beckett had his first soccer game on Saturday. It was, hands down, the most entertained I've been in a LONG time. First, he spent just as much time running past his (rather large) cheering crowd, giving us the good ole "thumbs up," as he did actually running after the ball. We've officially labeled it his Signature Move.

The pure joy and delight on this kid's face made this momma heart SWELL. I cannot believe how much he was just sincerely enjoying himself. The confidence and lack of inhibition in a four year old is inspiring.  He's never stepped foot on a soccer field, let alone play a game with a group of other boys he doesn't know, but he definitely didn't hold back.

At more than one point during the game, he took a detour from his game path to come entertain us. HILARITY. The number of people yelling that child's name, urging him to focus on the ball instead of us, was just awesome. He had a huge group - aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins - all cheering him on. Dad even took a break from the SEC tournament with the boys to make it back for this epic event.

This video is hard to see (we need better qualify video, and there may be a 7 year old thumb in the way), but as the whole crew of kiddos runs down the field, Beckett makes a sweet loopty-loop to swing by for a thumbs up.

Later in the game, it was his turn to throw the ball in. He did as he was told, and then waited patiently for his invite to join his team on the field. How did he NOT hear us all yelling?!

Outside of seeing Beckett have the time of his life, my favorite thing about this day was watching the family come together and just be a family. It's so sweet to watch the boys playing soccer together. I pray they remain close throughout their childhood. It's so amazing to hear the whole family screaming and cheering him on. THIS is the reason we moved home. So we can do life together with the people we love. We are so blessed.

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