Charlie Grace's First Tumbling Lesson

Thursday, March 22, 2018

It happened. Charlie Grace had her first tumbling class and I'm sure you can imagine my giddy-levels are through the roof! To make it even more squeal-worthy, we scheduled her and Avaya for the same time. Even though they're not in the same class, this. is. so. FUN.

We tried a toddler tumbling class with Beckett and it was NOT a successful experience. He ran all over acting like a crazy person, which is not what I expected from him. With Charlie, I was prepared for full on sass and low-interest in following instructions. I was SHOCKED at how wrong I was. She was ALL IN. She did an EXCELLENT job of paying attention to the instructor and following along. 

If the cute factor wasn't enough to make you swoon, watching this girl with her daddy totally would. This class requires parent participation and she wanted Dad to be her coach this go-round (he's the favorite). I'm so grateful for his willingness to jump in and do all. of. the. things. with these two kiddos. They're so lucky to have him as dad! 

She was enthusiastic and confident throughout all of the class, which was not surprising. She's a little dare-devil. She slipped off the beam once and was annoyed but got up to keep trying! 

She was a bit shy about her coach, and still wouldn't even give her a high five by the end of class, but she'll warm up. She was having such a blast she didn't want to leave, and asked if she could go back as soon as we got in the car. When we got home, she didn't want to take her leotard off. I think we've got a winner! 

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