Vacay Day 2: Je t'aime New York 

Monday, February 13, 2017

We slept in this morning, drank coffee with our Empire State view, and gorged on left over Lo Mein. Thank you, Fucitos & New York, for being such wonderful hosts!  After a relaxing morning (which also happens to be the anniversary of the day we got engaged!), we loaded up and trekked through Manhattan to catch our train to JFK. We both LOVE this city and talked about how we could totally live here and enjoy walking and public transportation everywhere.   Once we arrived to JFK, my entrepreneur husband jumped on a conference call we'd had scheduled with a patent lawyer. How grown up is he?! He's always jotting notes and dreaming up big ideas. He's been working on most favorite idea in his very limited free time lately, including on yesterday's flight. I love watching how excited he gets about working on new projects and can't wait until his brilliant app is finished so I can use it!! Then. The BEST part of the day happened. My baby brother, and my baby sister in law, who happens to be carrying my new baby nephew, all arrived. I am seriously so giddy about this trip!!  We boarded the plane together but my fancy pants siblings have friends in high places and were therefor upgraded to boujee class.  We're back here with the people who don't make it on the lifeboats, but it's cool. We're all going to the same place! Pair-ee, here we come!!

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