Paris Vacay Day 1: Orevois a le Littles 

Monday, February 13, 2017

It's official! We're on vacation. Grandma & the kids brought us to the airport yesterday morning and we were off on the first leg of the trip! For those of you who have asked what it's like to leave the kids behind, I will say that this is the hardest part. I have felt anxiety all week about leaving and Beckett saying he wanted to get on the plane with us didn't help! But as soon as we're off, frolicking through the airport, joking and flirting like we're a "young" couple again, I remember how amazing it is to sneak away with my favorite person!


Allegiant offers really amazing deals from Knox to NY, but only on certain days, so we flew in a day early and are staying with my cousins here in Manhattan! We got to visit with Natalie & John during our NY trip back in September, so I'm feeling like a regular at Hotel Fucito.


It was such a fun start to our trip. Natalie & John spoiled us with the perks of city living, including taking advantage of the fact that ANYONE WILL DELIVER ANYTHING. Whaaat?! Pizza? Check. Noodles and egg rolls? Check. Vodka? CHECK! Guys. This is a big deal. At our house in Talbott we can't even get PIZZA delivered. I was swooning over the luxuries here. Pair it with some super fun company and an Empire State Building view and you've got yourself an awesome, fun vacay day #1, in the books. 


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