New Year, New School!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Today was the day. We put both of the kids in "school" (Parents Day Out) at a local church. Beckett was in a program a year and a half ago when we were still in STL, but this was Charlie's first experience. And this picture pretty much sums up their feelings on the situation. 

Charlie, however, loved her backpack. We pulled them out of the Amazon box last night and Charlie paraded around the house with her new unicorn accessory like she was MISS THANG. I think Brian got a little emotional realizing how big she is. It's overwhelming for this mommy heart too. As of now, we're not sure we'll have any more kids so it's kinda crazy to watch them get so big so quickly! How is she old enough to rock this little backpack??

On the way to school, we stopped and picked up dad so he could join us for the first day drop off. We walked Beckett into his room and even though he had never even seen the school, he immediately jumped in and started playing. It makes it easier to know he understands what's happening. 

Charlie was slightly trickier but it actually went WAY better than we anticipated. Her teacher just swooped her out of dad's arms and shuffled excitedly off to watch the rain out the window while mom and dad snuck out. Charlie was obviously very concerned about the situation but she didn't pitch the fit we anticipated, so dad and I were pleasantly surprised! We peeked at Beckett on the way out, the director reassured us they'd be loved on all day, and off we were!

I actually didn't realize how nervous I was about their day until I got to school for pick up and received SUCH positive and encouraging reports from the teachers!  Miss Pam, Charlie's teacher, said that Charlie had a GREAT day. She assured me that Charlie didn't cry one bit! I was incredibly surprised by this news, and significantly more relieved than I expected to be. Huge sigh of relief! Both kids came out looking positive and happy and obviously comfortable with their teachers. I could physically feel the tension, that I hadn't even realized was there, release from my body. When did this become my life?! These are milestones, people. 

Speaking of milestones, I was also way too entertained to have my very first experience in the car rider line. I'm officially legit. Joining the ranks of the other minivan mommas, sipping their coffee and waving at the fellow carpool sisters. I have arrived.


  1. Can't wait to see how you behave when you have to drop them off for school EVERY SINGLE DAY!

  2. Omg let's nott talk about that quote yet!! I was already torn between one morning or two! But two makes it much easier for me to be present & intentional on the days we're together. I like it :)


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