One Million Cousin Slumber Parties

Friday, January 26, 2018

Tonight marks the third slumber party this cousin crew has had in the last two. weeks. Talk about cousin love. And it's pretty much amazing.

They're at such a good age. With only stepping occasionally to referee or remind someone to be kind, the kids pretty much run and entertain themselves. HOLY. AWESOMENESS. Half of the time, the boys pair off and express themselves by jumping off of something, while the girls are off tending to their babies (which is super cute to eavesdrop on, by the way).

The rest of the time, they're running in a pack, riding bikes inside the house and making more noise than I generally care to have. But it's so fun to watch them grow and bond together and it makes us so grateful for the choice to be here.

Tonight they played for hours, then came together to make homemade pizzas, which they basically thought was the best thing ever.. Kids are so easy to entertain. LoL. They finished the evening with a move and crashed by 9:30. Nice.

Totally #WorthTheMove.

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