What I learned in September

Friday, September 27, 2013

Tonight I stumbled upon a blog from a former LCC church friend. She was inspired by yet another author to blog about what she'd learned that month. I really enjoyed reading hers (click here if you're interested), and was inspired to reflect myself on what I'd learned this month. So, as Susan said, "without further ado,"

What I learned in September:

1. Apparently it’s ok to tell complete strangers how fat they are. Actually, I’m still not in agreeance with this fact, but people tell me all the time how large I am. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or maybe that’s the intense urge to repay the “compliment.”

Me (with mom) at 31 weeks.

2. Jesus, James, and Stephen prayed for their adversaries. See my last post.

3. How to use a sewing machine. Ok, I kinda already knew… from 7th grade Home Economics class. But that was a decade and a half ago. Does that count? I wish you could have been there the first time my bobbin was empty. After attempting to put it back in the machine for thirty minutes (no joke), I gave up and read the manual. It’s really not that hard, people. Which leads me to:

4. I’m a DIY queen. I made these with my new mad sewing skills:
Boppy Cover #1
Boppy Cover #2

Curtains for the nursery
Beckett's Bench Cover
Then there's the Beckett Name Sign I posted about earlier this month. Impressed? Just wait! Next week I hope to do a nursery reveal for ya. There's lots more projects where these came from!

5. Store bought chai is just as good as Starbucks’. And way cheaper. Way way. Walmart, people. Four dollars.

6. I like Justin Timberlake way more than I thought I did. And Jimmy Falon. #hastag #hilarious

7. I am super loved. Correction: WE (Brian and I) are super loved. I knew this already but was overwhelmed with love and support this month. We’ve had THREE awesome showers now. Our friends and family that put them together are truly amazing. I don’t know how new parents without a support group survive parenthood. Supermommies and daddies. That’s what they are. Go you. I couldn’t do this alone.
Morristown Shower,  by Rachel, Katie, & Jennifer
Chicago Shower, by my Mommy
STL Shower, by the Mom & Dad Hill

8. Contractions hurt your tummy. Maybe this seems like common sense to you, but I started having Braxton Hicks this month and I was expecting it to hurt…well... lower. Apparently that part waits til baby is actually exiting. Go ahead and laugh. I’ve never done this before.

There’s more. But it’ll have to wait. Maybe I’ll do this again in October!


  1. everything looks awesome so far!! love the daddy duty!

  2. I love this! You are and look adorable, as usual, only now you get to be adorable for two! I'm so impressed with the super cute stuff you have made. Such a domestic mommy Diva you have become! Can't wait to meet Beckett.


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