The Renovations Begin!

Monday, August 19, 2013

So these last few days have been a tangled web of hauling and moving and listing and sweating and plain ole exhaustion. I can't imagine what the boys must be feeling! I'm exhausted and I haven't done nearly as much work as they have - with the exception of growing a human being... (top that!). We've been so impressed with the immense work that has been completed to far - mostly destruction. Here's a rundown of what's happened so far! 

We made the last leg of the voyage (35 miles) and met our realtor here at the house for our final walk through. Then we headed over to sign the ginormous stack of papers that served as the final hoop to becoming home owners!
Notice the THREE cups of Starbucks for two people. I couldn't decide between hot & cold so my realtor convinced me that being pregnant meant I get both. I like her.
New Homeowners! 
Immediately after the signing, we got to work! I actually headed to Brittany's to help prepare for Eli's birthday party! Even though it was crazy timing, being around family is EXACTLY the reason we moved here. And this sweet guy is TOTALLY worth it! 
Eli at his Jake & The Neverland Pirates themed 3rd birthday party!
While I played helpful auntie, Brian and DJ headed over to the house immediately. We had a cleaning crew come in for almost FOUR hours. They slaved to make the house less gross. That afternoon we also had a couple of inspections and bids scheduled. During all of this, the boys got to work making lists of supplies for the next couple of days and made trip #1 to Lowes.

That night we had every intention of grocery shopping, getting more supplies at Lowes, and taking another trip to the house. Instead, overcome with exhaustion, we slept.

We got started bright and early! Brian's parents, Uncle Darrell, and my brother DJ all came over for a full day of hard work. We started by unloading the trucks into the house. That took 4 hours! Of course we aren't loading into the appropriate rooms yet, because none of them are prepared for permanent habilitation. Instead, our garage and front room have turned into an overwhelming world of storage, and our living room has become the masterbedroom/makeshift living room. 

The rest of the day was spent cleaning gutters, checking the roof, tearing our all of the carpet in the entire house, gutting a bathroom, cleaning out the fridge, blowing off the back deck, and cleaning sub floors. 
Dad gutting stairs.
Dining Room. Gross.
DJ Gutting the hall

Eventual office.
Eventual Guest Bedroom
Guest Bathroom 
Guest Bathroom

Saturday night, we attempted to make a trip #2 to Lowes. It was MISERABLE. We spent an hour and a half wandering Lowes, having NO CLUE what type of anything to purchase and completely unable to get help from one of their shining star employees (that was sarcasm, if you missed it. I was cursing them). Apparently Saturday night is not the time to go to Lowes. So, we surrendered and left, defeated.

Sunday morning we were ready to go again! After breakfast at Ihop, we hopped around town to a few appliance stores. We're in the market for ALL NEW kitchen appliances and one lucky person is going to get our business! Later, we returned to Lowes for visit #3. This time, we came armed with my little brother. Take that, Lowes! This trip, Lowes redeemed themselves. Their staff was much more on their game this morning. It was a good thing, too, because 3 and a half hours later, we left with FOUR carts of goodness. Luckily, the vanity and sink were on backorder, or it wouldn't have all fit into the truck!

Also, to add a little twist and a few extra minutes to the already exhausting trip, our credit card was declined after the lady took the time to ring all of this up! Of course we had the money in our checking account (we just wanted the points on our card), but it was annoying! Later we found out that the credit card company had flagged the purchase as "suspicious." I guess that's appropriate. :)

More work, more worker men, more deliveries, more gutting, more exhaustion. We (and by "we" I mean Brian) also started the rehab process on the basement mold issues. He sealed himself in and is removing all of the carpet and treating the area for mold. Those are my favorite pics. He looks like one of the guys from Monster's Inc... ya know, when they're afraid the humans have contaminated them?

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