Moving to Nantucket [Drive]

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A few weeks ago I updated you on Our Whirlwind. To summarize: we’re pregnant, I quit my job, Brian is undergoing a major transition and launching a new branch in his, and we were searching for a house and planning on moving from beloved East Tennessee to St. Charles, MO. Deep Breath.

Well! Last week we finally found a house that fits MOST of our preferences: it’s large enough to fit a few kids, is close to DJ & Brittany, and it is in our price range & allowing us to stick with a 15-year mortgage (because Dave Ramsey says so). So we put a bid and VOILA! We’re on track to purchasing this cutie home!

Our New Home on Nantucket Drive
Wanna know the best part? The WHOLE HOUSE needs renovating! Ha! I mean… we thought we might get bored with a new move, job transition, and newborn baby (NOT). So, naturally we chose a house that is in desperate need of all new floors, all new paint, fully renovated bathrooms, removal of a couple walls, dealing with some mold issues, all new backyard landscaping, several doors replaced, all new windows, and HEAVY CLEANING. Should be fun! :) Check back for updates and before & after pictures as we earn our title as the DIY Dream Team.

The inspection is next week. As long as that goes well (enough), we will close August 23! That gives us approximately 12 weeks to get some semblance of normal restored before this baby arrives. Ready, set, GO!

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

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