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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Well all, I figure it's about time I update our friends and family on the whirlwind adventure that is our lives! A LOT has happened in the last few months. Last time I blogged, Brian was planning on launching his own company, we were planning on moving in December, and hoping to try and get pregnant this fall. Ever heard that saying about trying to make plans and God laughing at you? This is our life. Officially, all plans have been squashed. Surprisingly, it's kinda fun. It's helpful to know God's got this this under control! Here's the run down:

We’re Pregnant!

Yup. Baby on board. Or in the oven.. whatever. This is the news that changed it all. It wasn't completely unplanned. We had actually decided to start trying last November and were pregnant in February! Woo Hoo. That was quick. Unfortunately, we lost that baby at six weeks. This was sad, but not earth shattering. We knew miscarriages are pretty common and that God had a plan, so we moved on! At this point we had decided to wait until fall to start trying again. This would give my body time to heal and us a chance to do some heavy traveling this summer! (The goal was a few weeks in Southeast Asia). Well, needless to say, nine weeks after the miscarriage, doc told us we were nine weeks pregnant. That didn't take long.

We are SO EXCITED!! We're due November 17. We'll know July 11 if it's a boy or a girl. Of course we both have our guesses, and they change regularly. We're getting closer to narrowing down names, and have been checking out nursery options. SO FUN! I'm finished with our registry already. That was a BLAST. All we have left to add are a few gender specific items and we'll be done! WOO HOO! :) For those planning to attend a shower, you can go ahead and save the date now!

Morristown, TN - August 10
Zion, Illinois - September 14
Belleville, IL (STL) - September 21

Being pregnant has been absolutely wonderful. I am so grateful to be able to say this pregnancy has been easy breezy so far (knock on wood!). The first trimester was loaded with exhaustion and headaches, but no major nausea or sickness. Actually, I was STARVING all the time! I craved fruity stuff: fresh fruit, fruit snacks, popsicles, juice, starbursts... anything! The second trimester has been fairly sick-free with the exception of some pretty awesome emotional meltdowns. My poor husband. 

Anyway, here is some photo documentation of the adventure: 

Baby at 9 weeks

Baby at 13 weeks
Baby belly at 15 weeks
THe Move

The plan is still to move to the St. Louis area. However, before the plan was to wait until December. Now we've decided it would be a little more adventure than we're willing to take on to try and move with a newborn, or even late in the pregnancy, so now the goal is to move around August. We've been house shopping like crazy! It's a more difficult process than we'd anticipated, for sure! Of course we have all of our little preferences and expectations, and a budget... and it's like a puzzle! We did find one perfect little dream house that we both fell in love with. It was a HUD foreclosure so we put a bid on it and lost by $72! Ouch! We're headed back up to STL in two weeks to look at more houses. 

The Jobs
Everything has changed. Brian has actually changed plans and is now staying on with LEP (his current company). He will partner as a VP and launch a "West" branch out in STL! We are so thrilled about this opportunity. We are so blessed to be a part of this incredible company and know that there is so much potential. Brian is going to be able to work from home for a while, which means being close to me and baby! :) 

Before baby, I planned to work through December. Since I'm pregnant, however, and moving earlier and than expected, I quit! Ahhh! I'm unemployed for the first time since I was 15. CRAZY! It's a really weird feeling but I am sooo looking forward to staying home with our new baby... and trying for a few more! 

It truly is entertaining how whirlwind-y our life is right now :) My sister-in-law, Brittany is always chiming how we're such planners and not everything is going to work out how we planned. Oh wise Brittany. :) Boy does she know what she's talking about! So now the plan is to just do our best with what we've been given and make wise choices! Feel free to pray for us as we go through a bazillion changes and figure out how in the world to be responsible, wise, Godly parents. 

We'll keep you in the loop!

"What I love most about this crazy life is the adventure of it."
- Juliette Binoche

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