Our First Day of Homeschool 2019!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Today was our first day of Homeschool! We officially started homeschooling last year, but both kids were in preschool and we had a very relaxed year. This year, we're kicking it up one small notch with a little more structured curricula! 

A couple of weeks ago, Beckett started talking about how excited he was for school to start. He asked about it multiple times a week and marked it on his calendar. All I could think was, "oh boy.. pressure is ON." I wanted to match his enthusiasm! So today, we had a very special first day of school.

We started the day with special breakfast, gifts for both kiddos, and prayers for the school year. Brian joined us for this part of the day, which is extra special because he is a big fan of being at work EARLY in the morning! We loved having him! Once we were done with breakfast, we got started on our school day!

I've been planning for WEEKS, and knew Beckett would appreciate my organization. He loves lists and schedules as much as I do! That photo above to the left is him previewing the plans for the day. Luckily for me, being able to check the little boxes is just as motivational for him as it is for me!

Those next two are them working on their math planners. Charlie is drawing what comes to mind when she thinks of August (popsicles) and Beckett is filling out an "All About Me Page," which made me love him even more:

Something he's good at: Reading
His favorite season: Winter
His favorite place: "Wherever all the people I love are"

Beckett is a Kindergartener this year! He says he's most excited to learn Spanish (wish me luck, ya'll) and he's very excited that I'm his teacher. I was worried that he would feel some disappointment that he wasn't going off to school like his cousins, but he's been proudly telling anyone who will listen that he gets to do school at home and that his mom is his teacher! We'll see if he still feels that way in a few months (or even years). 

Admittedly, I have not worked nearly as much with Charlie as I had with Beckett. By Charlie's age (3), Beckett was already reading independently, among other impressive skills. So, I'm particularly excited to work with this little ball of spunk and sass. When I HAVE taken the time to sit down and really work with her, she's been SO INTERESTED in learning, incredibly attentive, and picks up on new concepts quickly! She tested ready for a Kindergarten math curriculum, which she started today! She says her goal is to learn to read this year (again - wish me luck!). 

We spent a big chunk of today kicking off our unit on the Revolutionary War in preparation for our upcoming trip to the northeast! I am SUPER giddy about spending the next six weeks diving into study units that will complement and enrich our travels together. We'll also study crustaceans and how leaves change. Nerdy mom alert!

My absolute favorite part of our day will likely be the same all year. That is when Beckett read aloud to Charlie and me. Today it was the story of Noah's Ark, which he studied in Sunday School yesterday. I LOVE hearing him read, and love being able to spend our days talking about whatever we choose, including studying scripture.

We ended our homeschool day with lunch at Beckett's FAVORITE restaurant, IHOP! Again, Dad joined us because it's a super special day and he's the best dad ever! Blair and Alex (Charlie's babies) joined us too, of course.

People ask me ALL OF THE TIME why I chose to homeschool. Really, I could write a whole blog SERIES on the reasons I love and am grateful for homeschool, but the primary reason is just these two kiddos. I'm so grateful and excited to do life with them.

Recently, I've been reminded too many times that life is short and we should be spending our time wisely. In this particular chapter of my life, I'm confident this is where God has led me, and overwhelmingly grateful for this crazy homeschool life. 

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