Fall Family Challenge

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Fall is my absolute favorite (until Christmas rolls around, but more on that later). The season rolls around every year like clockwork, but every. single. year. I cannot even handle how magical and fabulous it is. And I commit to making the absolute most of every moment of its goodness. 
This year I’ve vowed to get the whole family on board the fall-obsessed bandwagon, so I’ve challenged the family to marking off every item on our Fall Bucket List. We’ll record our adventures here! 

August 15 | Apple Dessert + Leaf Project

I know. August is early. But this crew was hecka excited about fall in the air so we jumped on in with  a Fall Themed play date. These cheesy fun, chaotic days are my FAVORITE. We had a combination of just letting the kids play and having organized crafty times, including a leaf craft and apple decorating + eating!

September 29  |  Baking Pumpkin Pie

Beckett thought it would be cute to buy a pumpkin and make a pie from scratch. I don’t have the energy or patience for that, so we went the good ole three ingredients and a pre-made crust method. It didn’t disappoint.

September 30  |  Pie for Breakfast 

Last night’s pie wasn’t ready until too close to bedtime, so the logical choice is to wait and have pie for breakfast, right?! I very rarely allow sugary breakfasts so I thought this would be a fun, magical treat (apologies to the church nursery staff). Beckett was thoroughly entertained. Charlie refused to eat hers and requested a banana instead. Weirdo.

October 3  |  Buy Pumpkins

Yes, I know getting pumpkins from the patch is cute and all, but Walmart is cheaper! Tonight, we took a trip to grab a fun variety of cuteness for our front porch! Don't worry, we'll hit up the patch, too!

Oct 4  |  Pumpkin Pancakes

I’m a big ole fan of grocery pickup, but this week it totally failed us and skipped our chicken, bell peppers, and salad. I didn’t even notice until I went in the fridge tonight to start our chicken fajita salads. I TRIED to be healthy, y’all... but instead we checked Pumpkin Pancakes off the Fall Bucket List. I've never had Pumpkin Pancakes before, and honestly was only trying them because it made for a cute Bucket List item... but Oh My Fall-ness they were sooooo good. There will be an encore performance.

October 9 & 16 | Nature Walk

Two weeks in a row, we went for a nature walk with our co-op. It's a perfect time of year to study leaves! It's also pretty crazy the difference in clothing we saw in that week! The kids enjoyed looking at the leaves, and Beckett is particularly enthralled with the bright colors. 

October 20 | Family Flannel Day + Pumpkin Fest + Pumpkin Carving

An old family friend (the Brooks) hosts Pumpkin Fest every year, and this is the first year we've made the drive home to attend! She had fun games, a bounce house, candy, a piƱata, a TON of food, and pumpkin carving! We're hoping to make this an annual tradition! Mom, Curt, and DJ + Crew jumped in on our Family Flannel Day, which made it that much more epic. 

October 21 | Rake Leaves

Today we visited Grandma & Grandpa Montgomery. Aunt Sally was there helping with some chores, and she was SO gracious to patiently allow the kiddos to "help" her with the task of raking leaves. They grabbed rakes (and brooms) and went to work! 

October 21 | Visit a Pumpkin Patch + Take a Hayride

We BARELY made it to the pumpkin patch this year. Between our crazy schedules and the weather not cooperating, I thought it wasn't going to happen. We managed to squeeze in an hour at Krolls, which is a pumpkin patch near Nana & Papa's and quickly becoming an annual thing! It was cold, but fed animals, played in pumpkins, took a hay ride, and enjoyed perfectly sweet family time!!

October 31 | Trick-or-Treat

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