Beckett's Summer Bucket List: The St. Louis Zoo!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The very first item to get crossed off of Beckett’s Bucket List was the St. Louis Zoo! We got to bring along Eli & Avaya for this adventure and it was exhausting, but SO. MUCH. FUN! Brian pointed out that people probably thought we were crazy with 3 kids, four and under and another one obviously on the way. I’m ok with that.  We usually start our day at the zoo in the children’s area, but then spend so much time in there that we don’t get to see the rest of the zoo, so this time we started in the opposite direction! We tried to let the kids walk (and burn energy) as much as possible, but let me tell you – 3 littles going in 3 different directions will definitely make you consider those kid leashes! Beckett has been to the zoo several times before but this is the first time he REALLY paid attention to the animals. I think he stared at the monkeys the longest. They were so active and fun! 

The monkeys were definitely the most entertaining.

Just love. Love everything here.

There he goes again! On the run!

Our guide.

Here mom. Let me help. 

All 4 kiddos.

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