Beckett at 10 Months

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's been a while since I've done an update on Little Man. So much has changed since he was five months old! I thought it was about time I jot down a few of those little things we know we'll want to remember! So, here are a few of the likes, dislikes, and milestones of Beckett at 10 (and a half) months!


The kid loves food. But can you blame him? He gets it honest.
He started out on purees and soft foods (mostly avocado) at about 5 months. Now he eats whatever we eat. And he rocks it.

Guacamole & Tomatoes - 7 months
Chicken & Avocado - 9 months 
Greek Yogurt - 9 months 
Grilled fish & Squash - 9 months 
Ribs! 10 months

Hopefully he doesn't get his musical talent (or dance skills) from his parents, because this kid looooves music and dancing.

Recently, we visited his cousin Aiden in KY. He was enthralled with his drumming and sat through an entire song just STARING.

There's also this little must see video from last week at Oktoberfest.

He also really loves the Frozen soundtrack. For a while now, we've had track #4 on stand by for car melt downs. He can be in full on catastrophic melt down mode and as SOON as we turn that magical song on: SILENCE.

His Local Cousins
Beckett loves playing with the big kids, especially his cousins. We're pretty sure Eli is his favorite person. He's the only one Beckett has ever squealed and "run" to upon arrival. So glad we moved close so these kiddos can grow up together!!

At the Science Center in STL - 8 months
At Oktoberfest - 10 months
In the playroom - 8 months
Nate Nate!
Unfortunately, Beckett's oldest cousin isn't close enough to be around all the time, but they got to spend some time together this summer and Nate was AWESOME with this little guy. Beckett soaked him up!

Mommy's favorite fact! The kid loves books. YAY! Now to just keep it that way…

David Smells - 7 months 
Chika Chika BOOM BOOM! - 8 months
M is for Monkey - 10 months
The playground
What is there not to love?! He gets a huge kick out of the swings, but the kid is fearless on the slide. I love watching him barrel down!

Kentucky Wildcats
Well, of course. And lucky for him we've got a decent football team this year.

Enthralled by KY Football.
The Camera
Depending on his mood, he'll cheese right up when you whip out a camera (or phone, of course).

6 months
7 months
9 months
10 months. #Selfie
Organizing & Stacking
He loves taking laundry out of the basket, then putting it back in, taking books off the shelf and putting them back on, stacking bowls and cups and toys inside each other, or fitting the pieces into his tool bench. If only he were as good at putting things back as he is at taking them out…

Look closely. He's trying to put that book back. Nice try, Becks.
New tool bench!


Whether it's the pool or the bath tub, this kiddo loves the water.

His Daddy

Being hot

Milestones & Firsts

Crawling, Standing, & Cruising
6 months
6 months
6 months
Nana teaching Becks to crawl 
7.5 months
8.5 months
8 months
At 10 months, he has 8 teeth!
He is sneaky & quick and will FLY up some stairs!

He wasn't attached to it and it didn't work magic for us so we just took
binky away around 6 months.

94 Percentile!
He was too heavy to lug around in an infant carrier
anymore so we moved him to his convertible seat at 6 months.
Poor kid has a Montgomery head. It's literally "off the charts."

Says, "dada" & "mama!"

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