A Beckett Bumpdate & The Nursery Reveal!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hey Family & Friends!!

So. It's almost time! Beckett is coming VERY soon -- hopefully sooner than originally anticipated! Over the last few months, we've had three ultrasounds, all declaring that we have a BIG OL BOY on our hands! As of Monday (37 weeks, 1 day), Beckett was estimated at 8.2 glooorious pounds! At .5-1 pound per week, that puts him at HUGE when November 17 rolls around.

Today we had an appointment with our doctor again (whom we ADORE, by the way). Dr. Rempe is very sweet and informative. She is also concerned with Beckett's size. Apparently his abdomen is measuring significantly larger than his head (side note: his head is considered "normal." That was a pleasant surprise for this Montgomery). Anyway, with a normal to big head to tummy ratio, they get concerned with baby's head coming through and then shoulders getting stuck. Lovely.

Anyway, Dr. Rempe says our best bet will be if Beckett arrives some time this week. If we go too long, we're at a greater risk for having to do a c-section. So all hands on deck: we need prayer that this baby makes his debut SOONER rather than later!

And speaking of debuts, we also have the long-awaited Nursery Reveal video! You can watch it on YouTube by clicking here! And if you're interested in the details and DIYs, visit my #TeacherMom blog!


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