Charlie Grace is THREE!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Charlie Grace is three today! We love this little girl with a vengeance, and cannot even believe she's three already. This morning, I went back and read about her first birthday and second birthday parties. It's times like these that I'm ultra grateful for taking the time to record these milestones. I love looking back and see what's changed, and what's stayed the same!

Here's what you need to know this year about our stunning little girl:

She loves:
art | babies | gymnastics | carbs & cheese | her family

This year she:
had her first trip to Disney World | became fully potty-trained | started tumbling

She's not a fan of: 
falling asleep alone | driving Beckett's gator | tomatoes, grapes, or avocado

This year, she will:
do preschool at home with mommy | use her passport for the first time

Today, we're actually headed to Indiana for Nicole's wedding! The kiddos are staying behind with the grandparents, but we wanted to celebrate our favorite girl before we headed out, so we got up early and made it happen! She woke up to a pile of presents and the most epic unicorn balloon a 3-year-old could wish for. Her reaction was perfect!

We opened gifts first: both gymnastics-themed. She got her very own wedge mat so she can practice at home, and a new leotard to go with. I'm pretty much obsessed with little bitty leotards, so the fact that I kept it to just one is a pretty big accomplishment. 

After present opening, we made breakfast with all of her favorite foods: carbs, sugar, strawberries, & sausage. Pancakes with sprinkles and candles?! YES, PLEASE. She called it her "special food."

Tonight, Grandma and Papaw plan to do it up right, and celebrate with some of our friends and family. We'll actually miss our daughter's birthday party (whoops!), but we know that they'll shower here with all the love and celebration she deserves!

Happy Birthday, Charlie Grace! We love you!

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