Hill Family Photos 2017

Monday, January 8, 2018

This year, both sets of parents got family photos as their Christmas gift from us. It's probably my favorite gift to give because we all get to enjoy them - forever! We did my family's photos while were in Dallas over Thanksgiving, and then over Christmas weekend, all of the Hill family was together so we got to capture these!!

Brian and I have been meaning to gift his parents with professional photos for years, but you know - life happens and it's really hard to get everyone together! This year, our sweet, perfect Parker came into the world, making our little extended family complete! We knew we definitely needed to document this season and definitely capture all of the grandkiddos together! Notice the same grandkid who gave us trouble in the last photo shoot is melting again. Help me. 

In her defense, we're even colder than we look. The previous weekend was 47 degrees and sunny (for you west coast and Florida folk, that's perfect). Of course, the weather wasn't cooperating, so we planned to wear layers and hope for the best! There was no snow in the forecast, but we woke up to a perfectly beautiful blanket of white. We considered cancelling, but look how amazing of a setting it made for! Never mind the painfully cold looks on our faces.

We started the shoot down in Fronteir Park down by the Missouri River, took a warm-up break in the visitor center, and then headed to Main Street in Saint Charles. I had forgotten how much I loved this area! I am personally a big fan of the cold, so I really enjoyed walking the quaint streets and soaking up the chilly air. Not all of the crew shares my affinity for winter, but they were awesome sports! 

This shot in the middle of the street took us twenty-seven billion attempts. Why do all the cars insist on driving down the road when we're trying to take pictures there?! (Kidding).  Our awesome photographer was persistent though, so we managed this cute op!

As always, the best part is just having the whole family together. I cherish these times so much! I wish that we could all live closer together!

Next time, we're definitely aiming for warmer weather, but I really am glad the snow hit us for this one! It made for some truly beautiful shots! To see the rest of the album, click here.

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