This is Three

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Three years ago yesterday, I went into labor. Fourteen hours, an amazing epidural, a few scary moments (including my husband passing out), and a last minute c-section later, Beckett came into the world. BEST. DAY. EVER. [Do yourself a favor and reread that entertaining story here.]

Today, that dream baby turns THREE YEARS OLD. Throughout each new stage, I've felt, "this age is definitely my favorite" and I still feel that way about this sweet, brilliant toddler. Sometimes I just stare at him (any other mommies out there?). I know a lot of people (including me) see God in nature. But boy, spending time with a growing toddler has completely magnified my awe in Him. It's AMAZING to see their little brains explore and learn and their little hearts swell and exude compassion and generosity. I'm a total ball of awe, guys.

Initially, in true birthday fashion and in an attempt to preserve memories, I thought I'd do a cutesie countdown of the top ten things to know about Beckett. But the baby sister of the house is expressing in no uncertain terms that I don't have time for that, so instead we get the quick version:

He's very smart, very affectionate, and crazy independent. [He can dress himself, get his own snacks, and rocks at helping around the house.] He loves food, especially trail mix, shrimp, and cheese sticks. He just recently started sleeping through the night and took over a year to potty train but is FINALLY GETTING IT. He loves monster trucks on you tube, reading books, and I don't think he could ever get tired of Hot Wheels. He's amazing with his baby sister. He tries hard to be patient, gentle, and loving. I could just watch them forever.

His sippy cup is like his security blanket and goes with him everywhere. He prefers not to wear pants or shoes (but really, who doesn't). He loves slides, Taylor Swift, and counting. And he danced as we sang him "happy birthday." He's my favorite little boy in the world, and I'm so grateful to call him mine. Happy birthday, Beckett Keith! Welcome to THREE!

Credit for these adorable pics goes to B Oakes Photography!


  1. You are an excellent writer. What a great tribute and a record he will cherish in future years.Kudos to you!

  2. Awww Happiest of Birthday's little cousin!


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