Fall Family Party!

Friday, September 26, 2014

So last night we got to have our first sleepover with Eli & Avaya! And it's about time! In celebration of my VERY FAVORITE season, we decided to have a fall themed party. It was so much fun to hang out with these two cuties and get in some quality time. Here are the highlights!

The first stop of the night was Aldi so the kids could each pick out their own pumpkins. It was a hoot hauling these three (and two carts) through the grocery store. It's definitely good practice for these wanna be parents of 4-5. Of course we got lots of compliments on the cuteness of this trio, and they the older two had fun picking out their own pumpkin. Beckett was more interested in people watching, but can you really blame him?

As soon we as got home, we suited up for pumpkin painting!

First step, wash your pumpkin! Look at those faces. Eli was focused all the way through the process. Everyone was entertained by Beckett's participation. Avaya was distracted… a lot. :)

As soon as the pumpkins were clean, we got to painting. I was surprised at how long they stayed entertained by this. I wasn't surprised at the mess Beckett managed. He ended up forgoing the painting and deciding it was snack time instead.

After pumpkin painting we ate dinner. We intended to roast hot dogs over a fire, but mother nature seems to have forgotten that it's FALL and it was way too hot to have a fire in the fireplace. It worked out well to use the grill anyway because it meant we had time to double team - one cleans up the kiddos while the other grills. We've got this. After dinner little man retired for the evening and the big kids got to bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Unfortunately, they were a TOTAL FLOP. I'm not sure what I did wrong, because when Whitney made them, they rocked. Oh well.

Time for marshmallows! This was a good little snack while Uncle B showed us a thing or two about carving pumpkins. What's all this painting nonsense, anyway?! (JK. I totally get it). The kids were SO. ENTHRALLED with Jack, our Jack-O-Lantern. They just staaaaared and asked a billion questions. Why? Why? Why? Baahahahah. Having fun yet, Uncle B? He really was. It's been a while since we've carved pumpkins in this house. Jack turned out great and he looks fabulous in front of the fire place. He joined our party for the rest of the night.

Jack turned out great and he looks fabulous in front of the fire place. He joined our party for the rest of the night.

Once we were cleaned up and comfy in our jams, we all curled up on the couch for a couple of {kid friendly} Halloween movies. Of course, we needed popcorn for this part, because we definitely haven't had enough to eat yet. Avaya may have held still more for this part of the evening than she did the rest of the night. She was totally amazed at the popcorn popping on the stove. That's cheap entertainment right there.

We finished the night piled in the bed reading a cute fall book. I was amazed that at 10pm, these two cuties were still smiling and full of energy. Lucky for these two EXHAUSTED grown ups, they knocked right out, and even slept through the cell phone debacle of the night.

Maybe we'll do another fun themed night for winter!!

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